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Welcome to my garden

I work here.  This is where I take a good look at what’s growing in my garden and what needs to be pruned.

Writing is a tool of me.  Hitting the “publish” button is my accountability partner.

I write to find my voice and inspire others to do the same.  Yours won’t sound the same as mine and that’s the point…to find your own voice.

My mission is love and peace in all things.  And I could not be that and run the rat race simultaneously.  I am learning to smell the roses, watch the miracles grow, and enjoy my life of plenty.

I am simplifying life so I may be of service to others.  As of 2010, at 37 years old, I made the decision to hire a professional management company to manage my business so that I can devote my time to volunteer service.

For along time, I was afraid to bare my soul.  One day, not too long ago, my husband suggested, “Why not write the book that’s inside you.”  I do not know where this path will lead and I am enjoying the scenery.  Thank you “H” for inspiring me to find my voice.

This is my garden – a gift to my self, my children, my marriage, visitors and so-journers.

The purpose of my garden is Conscious Parenting through Mindful Living.

  • A space to contemplate and gain insight.

  • A space of new ideas, new challenges, and new learning.

  • A space of purpose and intention.

  • A space of change, growth, and inspiration.

  • A space of creative expression.

  • A space to celebrate life.

  • A space to leave a legacy.

Welcome to my garden.  My goal at the end of my life is to have lived a fearl-less life and have inspired others to do the same.  I hope you find inspiration here, and some tools to dig deep in your garden.

Love and Peace to you,


My Child's Gardener Badge