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How does dough become bread?

"How does this become bread?"

Building character is like baking bread. The question is not what flour is or what dough is. The real question is how does flour become dough, and dough become bread.  This analogy offers me a moment to reflect on my parenting and my life. Read the rest of this entry »

Shifting Gears | MS Ride

Last year when I began my training for the Branson Ironman, a wise friend said to me, “The only thing keeping you from doing an Ironman tomorrow is your mind.  Right now your mind is stronger than your body.  You won’t because you think you can’t.”  I thought it was a wine-induced gest of genius and left it at that…so I thought.

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A Lotus to You

Today is Mindfulness Day 2011.  What is mindfulness?  Mindfulness is the practice of developing presence in all aspects of our lives—whether we are working, driving, or having dinner with our families. A state of constant, peaceful presence is the goal and result of mindfulness. Read the rest of this entry »

Meditations in my Zen Garden

It is impossible to put into words what I have experienced in the past 3 weeks during my mini-sabbatical and mindfulness retreat. In fact, as my teacher says we should not talk about that which can only be experienced. I share this journal with you for this reason: to show how easy it is to increase mindfulness into daily life. I begin each morning with an affirmation and end each day with gratitude. This practice takes less than 5 minutes, and the effects are immeasurable. Every small step we take to add mindfulness and concentration increases our insight. May we not be so busy that we forget to be mindful.

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Dirty Dancing in the Rockies

Back in the “Dirty Dancing” era of my tween years, I thought it was an imaginary, fictitious, made up place. Now, a quarter century later, I discovered “Dirty Dancing” in the Rockies.

Actually, I don’t know what is going on after hours or behind the scenes, but I know a commune of safe, healthy, family fun. Bordering the Rocky Mountain National Park, YMCA of the Rockies is the quintessential experience for mind, body, and spirit rejuvenation. Read the rest of this entry »

A Pedal of Insight – musings from my bike

Last night I saw the trees, this morning I see the forest.

I am constantly awed and amazed at the scenery along my bike rides. I love to see how others live and create their own peace within the whole.

I can’t always understand the discrepancies in life circumstances. And probably more notable is the discrepancies in peoples’ perspectives. I must constantly ask myself from what vantage point am I choosing to see my circumstances. Read the rest of this entry »

Why we like camping with our children

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather the starting point of the conversation, of why we like camping with our children. Camping is our untethered, minimalist, intentional family time. Creating the love of learning and adventure is the reason we camp with our children. Read the rest of this entry »

How’s your chi?

Energy work is a passion of mine; minimalism is an intention of mine.  Traveling down the path of both led me to the intersection called Feng Shui.  And what perfect timing, as we complete our final house plans with the architect.  Our Zen Barn, as I fondly refer to it, is beginning to come alive in spirit and form.    Read the rest of this entry »

I am taking a 3 week mini-sabbatical from conventional life

Take a picture because I won’t be the same when I return.  21 days of being; all doing is done.  I cannot think of one more thing to concern myself with.  The RV is packed and the gps is set for the mountains.

My only worry in the world is if the trout are biting.  ~ hubby      Read the rest of this entry »

I am a Better Mom When I Train

At the beginning of the year, I committed to a light race training schedule.  Because, I wanted to have time for writing and be open for new endeavors.  The time was well served.  And now, I am ready to add a few races to the calendar.  This is why:  I am a better mom when I train.   Read the rest of this entry »