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Living Insights

Last week I took a field trip.  Six friends piled in my van and set out on a journey, destination unknown.  We knew the physical address but we had no concept of the realm we would journey to. Read the rest of this entry »


Practice Miracle-Readiness

This is my cliff notes for A Course in Miracles:  Nothing real can be threatened.  Nothing unreal exists.  Herein lies the peace of God.  A Course in Miracles is over a 1,000 page combined volume of text and lessons.  This will be at least a 6 month study for me.  After each chapter, I will type what I have highlighted for contemplation. Read the rest of this entry »


I am Ending the Race

I am ending the Race to Nowhere. I can make a difference in the lives of my children by modeling a new paradigm of success. The way I live my life, and the things I put first in my life will define success for my children.

When I step back and look around, it is not too difficult to understand why children are in the race to nowhere. Because, most parents are running the race to nowhere. If we want our children to own their own life, don’t we first need to own our own life?

“It doesn’t much matter how you get there if you don’t know where you are going.” ~ Alice in Wonderland Read the rest of this entry »


Living Gift Market & Moving Sale

You are invited
Living Gift Market & Moving Sale

A lot of stuff is not making the move.
We want to give to those who can use it or need it.
The holidays are quickly approaching and we all have gifts to buy for people who already have enough.
I want to teach my children responsibility with their privilege.
My children are currently very interested in farming and preserving the planet.
If one is hungry, we cannot have world peace.

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Shift Happens | Begin with the End in Mind

Shift happens if we begin with the end in mind.

Asking the right questions reveals what is motivating our behaviors and supports us to make the choices that are in our highest and best interest.  The way to know the right choice is to begin with the end in mind.  Because if we don’t know where we are going, it doesn’t much matter how we get there. Read the rest of this entry »


Conversations with God – my stream of consciousness


“The purpose of relationships is to teach forgiveness.” – A Course in Miracles

Is this a Truth?  I have put miles on the bike contemplating this matter.  This changes everything, doesn’t it? 

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Are you ready to raise your life-level?

I am privileged and honored to work with the participants in Drug Court of Franklin County on the topics of mindful living and conscious parenting. Last night was our first workshop – “The Power Within You…to Heal Your Life.” I share my notes with you because I discovered they are not different than you and me. They are dealing with the same issues as my friends, and my family. And probably even more significantly, they have the same dreams for life as you and me. It was never more poignant that we are all learning the same life lessons, just through different circumstances. The goal is to raise our consciousness to a greater awareness of our lessons.

“The hope of All can be seen in the eyes of One.” ~ Chris Cleave in Little Bee

The Power Within You – Download your free guide to tapping into your superpowers.


The Ultimate Guide to Raising Healthy Kids

Children of Promise

One of the most profoundly simple books of holistic success ever written.  It is a concise compilation of the best practices for raising healthy children.  Many books emphasize parts and pieces; this one wraps theory and practice together and offers practical application for a life of health and happiness. Read the rest of this entry »


I AM | the secret to my peaceful home

What is wrong with my home?  I AM.  What is right with my home?  I AM.  If the answers to these questions resonate with you, this “homework” is for you.      Read the rest of this entry »


Maintain your Physique

A Moment of Mindfulness

A Moment of Mindfulness on the Continental Divide

In response to the blog post, The Anatomy of a Life Entrepreneur, I received a few questions, each asking the same in essence: how do I build-up and maintain the physique of the Life Entrepreneur?  Read the rest of this entry »