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A Day of Ordinary Miracles

Knowing it would be a full day today, I start early.  At 4:40 I wake to go to the Y for spin class.  On my way home I decide to stop at the grocery store.  Sure, there’s plenty to eat for breakfast – oatmeal, toast, cereal.  But not the kids’ favorite waffles.  As I pull into the parking lot of Shop N Save, I see a man with a flashlight going through the trash.  I park and walk up to him.

“Sir, do you need something?”  I ask. Read the rest of this entry »


Remember the Sabbath?

Remember the SabbathIt wasn’t so long ago that we had a mandatory day of rest.  Well, I suppose that was 30 years ago and something my children will never know, at least by mandatory standards.  Times have changed, and over time we have gradually done away with the day of rest.  So much to do and to consume, we have no time to rest for fear of missing out on something more.  What just hit me, the “more” that we are scurrying to find, is right in front of our eyes.   If we would only take a rest and be mindful enough to see the beauty and love among us. Read the rest of this entry »


Matter Doesn’t Matter

One Seed Can Start a GardenIn my new simplified life, I am creating margins.  It is the space in which to live and love with my whole-heart.  Moments of mindfulness allow us to both love what is and a live a life by design.  

The “do, did, done” way of living is merely reacting and responding to circumstances, stimuli, and other people.  I have switched my paradigm to one of “am, create, have.”  Instead of living a life of reaction; I am creating a life by design.  Read the rest of this entry »


The Compost of Joy

Michigan sky

A Ray of Light

I am honored and privileged to share with you my first interview with a Life Entrepreneur.  She is an ordinary person leading an extra-ordinary life.    Read the rest of this entry »


Maintain your Physique

A Moment of Mindfulness

A Moment of Mindfulness on the Continental Divide

In response to the blog post, The Anatomy of a Life Entrepreneur, I received a few questions, each asking the same in essence: how do I build-up and maintain the physique of the Life Entrepreneur?  Read the rest of this entry »


The Anatomy of a Life Entrepreneur

Life...keep pedaling.

Life Entrepreneurs are the new rich.  They invest their time and money in the things that matter most to them.  They love what they do and do what they love.  They create opportunities from obstacles.  They make calculated risks and trust in their decisions.  They see relationships between seemingly unrelated things.  They leverage their time, their assets, and others for the greater good. They think big and act small.  What makes them rich is the richness of their life.  They are choosing to create their reality.  Read the rest of this entry »


0-Hour Workweek | Life Entrepreneur

White Water Rafting

A Love of Adventure

There really is only two ways to really live your true life– do what you love or love what you do.  It is your choice in every moment, every task, every day.  I honestly believe everyone is intended to have a life of love.  Anything less, is well, less than a true life.  So what is the opposite of living your truth?  That’s right – false… a false, fake life.  Read the rest of this entry »


Fear Less & Love More | a purposeful life

I have had several powerful comments to the question, “What keeps you from being your best and living on purpose?” posed from my blog post Less to Need and More to Be.  I invite you to share in these personal life changing ah-ha moments.  This is parents raising themselves. Read the rest of this entry »


Peaceful Bedtime |Purposeful Life

Ending my day, surrounded in love and peace, is a day lived with purpose.  Creating a purposeful day, every day, is a life lived with purpose.   Weaving our highest values into the fabric of our days creates a beautiful tapestry of our lives.      Read the rest of this entry »