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Keep the Peace on Snow Days

peace on snow day

After 4 ½ snow days, I have read numerous panicked facebook posts about what to do with “little monsters” and the havoc they create, teenagers playing video games for countless hours, and families in complete chaos of stuff, things, noise, and junk food.

It is not only possible to survive the snow days, but also to keep the peace.   Read the rest of this entry »


My home is heaven on earth

Allow me to disclose:  I believe in the Montessori Method of education.  AND this blog is not to convert you, so please read on.

The greatest influence (and there are many), the Montessori Method has had on our family lifestyle is the premise of our home as a prepared environment.  As the gardener, I see my duty to constantly and consistently plant and weed, plant and weed.  Maintaining beauty, order, and simplicity that create an envionment of love, peace, and creativity.  I believe an orderly physical world gives order to the mental world.  I know when I can function best and I expect nothing less for my children. 
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