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Summer Vacation: untethered and unplugged

Imagination and DiscoveryIt is officially summer vacation for us.  I decided to contemplate summer, and what I want for my family this summer.  I am looking for one of those good ole’ fashion kind of summers where the children run barefoot and drink water from the garden hose.  Read the rest of this entry »

Not Busy and Not Sorry | Mindfulness

Heaven's reflection on Earth

Heaven's reflection on Earth

Thank you to two dear friends who are learning to live and love more fully, and sharing it with others.  One has simply summed it up for us:  “I am not busy, and I am not sorry.”  And the other has beautifully written it in a poem.  They essentially say the same thing.  One may resonate more clearly for you, so I share both. Read the rest of this entry »

In honor of Aunt Bonnie | A Purposeful Life

I am honored to have been asked to write this eulogy.  That may seem strange, and I believe that is why I was asked.  I tend to think differently.  I find good in all things because I believe all things are good.  And so you ask, “How are the circumstances for which we are here good?”  For Aunt Bonnie, she is peace.  For us, this is an opportunity to edit our lives.  It is in these occasions that we understand death is the seed of new life. Read the rest of this entry »