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Conscious Parenting Begins in the Womb

Welcome.  This is an interview with Dr. Whitney Hamed, friend, chiropractor, and author of

Whitney is a Life Entrepreneur, role model, and inspiration to me.  Whitney recently welcomed her newest addition to the family, Taylor Olivia.  She has a unique birthing story.  I asked her to share a bit of her story – where she finds the trust and authenticity to be true to herself. Read the rest of this entry »


Stop excusing yourself | Start living a real life


I chose to run, then write.

My first message of the day, from my number one fan:  “Have whatever kind of day you choose.  Love you.”  Thank you for the wake-up call.  That’s right…my day is up to me and your day is up to you.  I am not sure what my day will look like, and I know how it will feel – peaceful and loving.  Read the rest of this entry »


My Perfect Pace

Perfect Pace

To all my friends running Go! St. Louis today, may you find your perfect pace and the endurance to finish your race.

As a runner and in life, I am continually trying to find my perfect pace.  This is the second part of Why I Run.  If why I run is to be more mindful, then my perfect pace is with patience, presence, and purpose.   Read the rest of this entry »


Why I Run

This past weekend I attended a Mindfulness Retreat at Cedar Creek in New Haven, Missouri.   Nestled in the rolling hills of wine country, I felt surrounded in peace and tranquility.  The retreat was beautifully orchestrated by the Ladies Ministry at Morning Star Church.  The theme was “Why Do You Run” with Kristen MyersRead the rest of this entry »


Feed Love | Grow Happy Kids

This is a Native American fable:  

The grandfather says to his grandson, “There are two wolves fighting inside me.  One is the wolf of love and peace and one is the wolf of fear and war.”  

The grandson asks, “Which one will win?”  

And the grandfather answers, “The one I feed.”  Read the rest of this entry »


Love Transforms Your Home

If you believe you are free to choose your actions and reactions, and are responsible for your own life, then this may be the pivotal foundation block of which to build your life purpose.  Our purpose in life is to love more and fear less.  We live our purpose through conscious living and the choices we make in our everyday experiences.  Read the rest of this entry »


Tame the Tiger

Tame the Tiger

Tame the Tiger by Emily

You have heard about the Tiger Mom, and probably gasped with judgment and self-righteousness.  That was my initial reflex.  With further contemplation, I began to formulate an idea that maybe we all have a little tiger in us.  The Tiger Mom may be a bigger tiger than most, or maybe she is just more honest and forthcoming.  Conscious parenting is a tool for taming our tiger.  Offering unconditional love and acceptance, and honoring the pure potential in our children is conscious parenting.      Read the rest of this entry »


The Secret of Conscious Parenting

I confess –  I had not been to church in nearly six months, not even for Christmas.  This is not something I am proud of.  I was stuck, and it wasn’t doing anything for me.  (Notice the victim mentality and the passive language of my thoughts).  It was a conscious decision, but not from my source of love.  This was not conscious living. 

Read the rest of this entry »


BOTH freedom of choice AND pro-life | a life of plenty

Are you true to yourself?  Do you honor your intentions in all aspects of your life?  Do you lead with your highest values in your family, social, and spiritual life?  Do you choose love in all the small and ordinary ways?

Sometimes we don’t see the freedom of choice in the little things, so I thought I would use a big one to make the point, and you can apply it to the small ones.  Since we just had the March for Life in Washington D.C., I thought abortion would be a good topic, fresh in our minds. Read the rest of this entry »


Increase Your Child’s Trust Account – Part II

Due to the significance of trust, I broke down the practical application into two parts.  The first was the indirect ways we build trust – through our integrity, respect, transparency, and correcting our wrongs.   This is Part II of the two-part series on increasing your child’s trust account through conscious parenting.  In both parts, the underlying principle is live your highest values and trust will resonate.   Read the rest of this entry »