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How to Break the Shyness Epidemic

Have you noticed what seems to be an increasing number of shy children?  Experts are now suggesting we have a worldwide shyness epidemic.  What can parents do to help their children overcome shyness and lead a fear-less life? 
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Less to Need and More to Be – Part II

I am using a comment from the tribe to springboard more depth into yesterday’s blog post, Conscious Parenting | The Call to Raise Yourself.

I have been very happy to see your blog and watch it’s growth. I have sent several people to it over the last couple of weeks. I think you have really found something that suits you and that you have a gift for.  I wanted to share a bit of my experience and thoughts about Maslow’s work.  I find his work compelling but I feel it leaves out a lot of what makes us human.  Read the rest of this entry »

Conscious Parenting | The Call to Raise Yourself

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Thank you to a loyal reader who sent in this question: At what point is the sweet spot for implementing simplified living and conscious parenting?

The short and sweet answer is the sooner the better, and a simplified life is your ticket to conscious parenting. Read the rest of this entry »


Stronger Roots | yoga for the grounded gardener

yoga on the rocksI have briefly mentioned my introduction of yoga into my daily Blisscipline, and decided to share a little more of what I have discovered.  Yoga is the equisential model of less is more.  Quite literally, you need nothing except yourself and your breath.  It is the minimalist’s muscle of health and fitness:  less equipment, less movement, less thought for more balance, more strength, more well-being. Read the rest of this entry »


Live Simply & Abundantly

The power of less credits the freedom from stuff with the joy of being.  Living simply and abundantly is consciously choosing to weed out the unimportant, so the garden can grow. Read the rest of this entry »