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Are you ready to raise your life-level?

I am privileged and honored to work with the participants in Drug Court of Franklin County on the topics of mindful living and conscious parenting. Last night was our first workshop – “The Power Within You…to Heal Your Life.” I share my notes with you because I discovered they are not different than you and me. They are dealing with the same issues as my friends, and my family. And probably even more significantly, they have the same dreams for life as you and me. It was never more poignant that we are all learning the same life lessons, just through different circumstances. The goal is to raise our consciousness to a greater awareness of our lessons.

“The hope of All can be seen in the eyes of One.” ~ Chris Cleave in Little Bee

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I AM | the secret to my peaceful home

What is wrong with my home?  I AM.  What is right with my home?  I AM.  If the answers to these questions resonate with you, this “homework” is for you.      Read the rest of this entry »


The Secret of Conscious Parenting

I confess –  I had not been to church in nearly six months, not even for Christmas.  This is not something I am proud of.  I was stuck, and it wasn’t doing anything for me.  (Notice the victim mentality and the passive language of my thoughts).  It was a conscious decision, but not from my source of love.  This was not conscious living. 

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