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The Unintended Consequences of Sticker Charts

The essence of the Banyan

I will attempt to capture the essence and insight of this story.  Tonight at voice lessons, my almost 5 year old son sits down on the piano bench and pulls out his sticker chart.  To the teacher’s astonishment, all the square blocks have been filled in with hand- drawn smiley faces.  Unbeknownst to me, this is Henry’s clever handiwork.  As he knows, when the chart is full, he will earn a prize.

Sitting in the kitchen, listening to this exchange, I wonder what the real purpose of sticker charts is.   What lesson had the teacher hoped to teach? Read the rest of this entry »


Gardening with Children: If I plant rude-bagas, I can’t expect sweet peas


On a personal note:  This is my contemplation and how the title of my blog came to be.  I began writing this months ago, and today I decided to let go – to plant it, nourish it, and let it grow into whatever it is intended to be.  I am not sure how long I could have held and massaged it, protected and perfected, not wanting to let go until I knew the outcome, the fruit of my labor.  If we are just still and observe, we don’t have to look far to see our unconscious patterns.  Writing shows me a lot about myself and my parenting, and always a work in progress.  So today I let go of my attachment and marinate in wonder and anticipation of the fruit.      

Peace in Bloom

Peace in Bloom


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The Footprint of Happiness is Small

Footprints of HappinessBefore we left for vacation to Costa Rica, my oldest daughter and I stumbled upon the Happy Planet Index (HPI).  It is a measurement of the happiness of the people of every nation on Earth.  The score is based on life satisfaction, life expectancy, and an ecological footprint.  Read the rest of this entry »


The Ultimate Guide to Raising Healthy Kids

Children of Promise

One of the most profoundly simple books of holistic success ever written.  It is a concise compilation of the best practices for raising healthy children.  Many books emphasize parts and pieces; this one wraps theory and practice together and offers practical application for a life of health and happiness. Read the rest of this entry »


Feed Love | Grow Happy Kids

This is a Native American fable:  

The grandfather says to his grandson, “There are two wolves fighting inside me.  One is the wolf of love and peace and one is the wolf of fear and war.”  

The grandson asks, “Which one will win?”  

And the grandfather answers, “The one I feed.”  Read the rest of this entry »