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Dirty Dancing in the Rockies

Back in the “Dirty Dancing” era of my tween years, I thought it was an imaginary, fictitious, made up place. Now, a quarter century later, I discovered “Dirty Dancing” in the Rockies.

Actually, I don’t know what is going on after hours or behind the scenes, but I know a commune of safe, healthy, family fun. Bordering the Rocky Mountain National Park, YMCA of the Rockies is the quintessential experience for mind, body, and spirit rejuvenation. Read the rest of this entry »


The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Last week I made the opportunity to do some minimizing.  Steadily, we are reducing and recycling before the little, big move next year.  (I’m a both-and kind of gal).  It’s little because there won’t be much to move.  It’s big because it is a huge leap of authenticity, trust, and personal power.  I love sharing our story – if it helps you in anyway, then I serve my purpose in writing this blog.    Read the rest of this entry »


Keep the Peace on Snow Days

peace on snow day

After 4 ½ snow days, I have read numerous panicked facebook posts about what to do with “little monsters” and the havoc they create, teenagers playing video games for countless hours, and families in complete chaos of stuff, things, noise, and junk food.

It is not only possible to survive the snow days, but also to keep the peace.   Read the rest of this entry »


A perfectly present day – a gift in every way

the gift of presencce

Mindfulness by Emily

As I wrap up this day, I decided to tie a bow on and share it with you.  Today was a day of all important and non-urgent matters. Here is a snapshot of living in the flow – happiness now and a clear vision for the future.  You know when you experience it…contentment, joy, peace. Read the rest of this entry »


Give your child everything she wants

To give your child everything she wants this year, assumes you know what she wants.  I believe we often make assumptions about what our children want based on either our own current agenda of what we believe makes an ideal parent or child, or based on our past agenda of what we believe we were denied in our childhood.  I suggest that both are hindering and blocking us from fulfilling our desire to give our children everything they want, and deserve. Read the rest of this entry »


I am putting limits on the pacifier

Recently, I had a realization that many adults use pacifiers.  More commonly referred to as a PDA, smart phone, or tablet computer, most adults, teenagers, and tweens for that matter, are carrying around some electronic device like an infant carries a binky.  Read the rest of this entry »