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7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Family

Earth Day logoBe the Change” is the motto for this year’s St. Louis Earth Day.  I decided to contemplate what this means, and my role in the big picture called earth.  I hear the words stewardship, sustainability, and a whole new earth.  What does it mean to offer stewardship, have sustainability, and create a whole new earth?  How can I be the change? Read the rest of this entry »


Increase Your Child’s Trust Account – Part II

Due to the significance of trust, I broke down the practical application into two parts.  The first was the indirect ways we build trust – through our integrity, respect, transparency, and correcting our wrongs.   This is Part II of the two-part series on increasing your child’s trust account through conscious parenting.  In both parts, the underlying principle is live your highest values and trust will resonate.   Read the rest of this entry »


Silent and Mindful | a journey of conscious parenting

I just completed the Silent Journey and Discovery at OakHaven Montessori School.  The Silent Journey is an invitation to experience the classroom from the child’s perspective.  I didn’t have to be asked twice.  I am actively seeking opportunities to use my right brain, experience moments of mindfulness, and otherwise see the world from the pure potential of a child.  Read the rest of this entry »