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Mindless Comments Kill the Child’s Spirit of Mastery

I know she didn’t do it on purpose.  I know she meant no harm.  And, this just goes to show how mindless we adults can be…how quickly and easily we can kill the child’s spirit of mastery. Read the rest of this entry »


I am this because of that

One thing that keeps going through my mind…if my children are my spiritual teachers, I must be my parents’ spiritual teacher.  I spend much of my time contemplating conscious parenting, with me as the parent.  To gain a greater awareness into my parenting, I reflect on myself as the child.

The real and true reason children suffer through divorce is because of the notion of separateness. Read the rest of this entry »


I am Ending the Race

I am ending the Race to Nowhere. I can make a difference in the lives of my children by modeling a new paradigm of success. The way I live my life, and the things I put first in my life will define success for my children.

When I step back and look around, it is not too difficult to understand why children are in the race to nowhere. Because, most parents are running the race to nowhere. If we want our children to own their own life, don’t we first need to own our own life?

“It doesn’t much matter how you get there if you don’t know where you are going.” ~ Alice in Wonderland Read the rest of this entry »


Grateful for our Guests

For those who have been keeping up with my Parenting Workshops at Drug Court, here is Session 3 of 4.

On a personal note, two major points of interest occurred this week in preparation for this class.  1.  My mentor suggested that the purpose of my teaching this class is for me. (Why yes, of course).  AND, my reason is to better understand the human condition.  (Yes, Oneness with All; Universality).  2.  I made one giant leap on my “mystery” book.  It’s a mystery because I don’t know what it’s about.  AND, at coffee this week with my support hive, I discovered a clue:  it may not be all about me.

Are we not each a microcosm in the macrocosm?  Are we not each learning to dance with our shadow?  Is not our universal human condition to be gardeners of life – composting pain into peace?  Read the rest of this entry »


Giving in our Thanks

Castlewood Park

This is my favorite time of the year: the smell of a bonfire, the burnt orange leaves, a crisp morning run, turkey and cranberries, pumpkin spice coffee in a double-handed mug. Cheers to the thanksgiving season. A time of thanks for all our blessings, big and small. A time of giving for those who temporarily have more to those who temporarily have less.

One of the latest contemplations of my heart is how to practice responsibility with privilege and offer this opportunity to my children. I am seeking “something more than” from our surplus and some way to show our gratitude and put giving in our thanks, and thanks in our giving. Read the rest of this entry »


Living Gift Market & Moving Sale

You are invited
Living Gift Market & Moving Sale

A lot of stuff is not making the move.
We want to give to those who can use it or need it.
The holidays are quickly approaching and we all have gifts to buy for people who already have enough.
I want to teach my children responsibility with their privilege.
My children are currently very interested in farming and preserving the planet.
If one is hungry, we cannot have world peace.

Read the rest of this entry »


Shift Happens | Begin with the End in Mind

Shift happens if we begin with the end in mind.

Asking the right questions reveals what is motivating our behaviors and supports us to make the choices that are in our highest and best interest.  The way to know the right choice is to begin with the end in mind.  Because if we don’t know where we are going, it doesn’t much matter how we get there. Read the rest of this entry »


How does dough become bread?

"How does this become bread?"

Building character is like baking bread. The question is not what flour is or what dough is. The real question is how does flour become dough, and dough become bread.  This analogy offers me a moment to reflect on my parenting and my life. Read the rest of this entry »


The Way to a Happy Life according to an 8- and 6-year old

Children are wise souls, and may often be more in touch with their essence than their parents. My children offer constant guidance, if only I were a better listener. This is a collection of bits of wisdom that I compiled during recent conversations with my 8- and 6- year old daughters. Read the rest of this entry »


Losing the money was the best lesson of the day

I had the privilege of taking my daughter and classmate on a Going Out to the zoo for a research project. They were given $10 for incidentals, should they need it.  The only instruction was to bring back a receipt.

Walking back to the car, the one who had been carrying the money announced, “The money isn’t in my pocket.”  It was nowhere to be found – not the pocket, not the car, not the school. Read the rest of this entry »