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Getting Small in the Mountains

Getting Small in the MountainsMy simplify life theme for this year is Think Big, Live Small. I can’t think of a better place to re-focus my intentions than the mountains. I am looking for more than a moment of mindfulness; I want a state of mindfulness for me and my family.

What does it really mean to us to Think Big, Live Small? Read the rest of this entry »


Remember the Sabbath?

Remember the SabbathIt wasn’t so long ago that we had a mandatory day of rest.  Well, I suppose that was 30 years ago and something my children will never know, at least by mandatory standards.  Times have changed, and over time we have gradually done away with the day of rest.  So much to do and to consume, we have no time to rest for fear of missing out on something more.  What just hit me, the “more” that we are scurrying to find, is right in front of our eyes.   If we would only take a rest and be mindful enough to see the beauty and love among us. Read the rest of this entry »


Love Never Fails

My intention for today was pure potential.  When I come from a place of love, it never fails me.  With an open heart and an open mind, it was a day of connection and spiritual oneness. Read the rest of this entry »


Matter Doesn’t Matter

One Seed Can Start a GardenIn my new simplified life, I am creating margins.  It is the space in which to live and love with my whole-heart.  Moments of mindfulness allow us to both love what is and a live a life by design.  

The “do, did, done” way of living is merely reacting and responding to circumstances, stimuli, and other people.  I have switched my paradigm to one of “am, create, have.”  Instead of living a life of reaction; I am creating a life by design.  Read the rest of this entry »


The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Last week I made the opportunity to do some minimizing.  Steadily, we are reducing and recycling before the little, big move next year.  (I’m a both-and kind of gal).  It’s little because there won’t be much to move.  It’s big because it is a huge leap of authenticity, trust, and personal power.  I love sharing our story – if it helps you in anyway, then I serve my purpose in writing this blog.    Read the rest of this entry »


The Secret of Conscious Parenting

I confess –  I had not been to church in nearly six months, not even for Christmas.  This is not something I am proud of.  I was stuck, and it wasn’t doing anything for me.  (Notice the victim mentality and the passive language of my thoughts).  It was a conscious decision, but not from my source of love.  This was not conscious living. 

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Stronger Roots | yoga for the grounded gardener

yoga on the rocksI have briefly mentioned my introduction of yoga into my daily Blisscipline, and decided to share a little more of what I have discovered.  Yoga is the equisential model of less is more.  Quite literally, you need nothing except yourself and your breath.  It is the minimalist’s muscle of health and fitness:  less equipment, less movement, less thought for more balance, more strength, more well-being. Read the rest of this entry »


Live Simply & Abundantly

The power of less credits the freedom from stuff with the joy of being.  Living simply and abundantly is consciously choosing to weed out the unimportant, so the garden can grow. Read the rest of this entry »


A perfectly present day – a gift in every way

the gift of presencce

Mindfulness by Emily

As I wrap up this day, I decided to tie a bow on and share it with you.  Today was a day of all important and non-urgent matters. Here is a snapshot of living in the flow – happiness now and a clear vision for the future.  You know when you experience it…contentment, joy, peace. Read the rest of this entry »


It’s a Journey, Not a Race

Reviewing my journal, I realize how far I have come. I thought I would share this exerpt with you as a follow-up to Peaceful Bedtime | Purposeful Life.  I am here to offer you hope and inspiration.  If you find yourself running the rat race, you can choose a new course.  You can have peace and happiness without doing it all, buying it all, and consuming it all.  It only takes small incremental changes today to make a significant difference in tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry »