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0-Hour Workweek | Life Entrepreneur

White Water Rafting

A Love of Adventure

There really is only two ways to really live your true life– do what you love or love what you do.  It is your choice in every moment, every task, every day.  I honestly believe everyone is intended to have a life of love.  Anything less, is well, less than a true life.  So what is the opposite of living your truth?  That’s right – false… a false, fake life.  Read the rest of this entry »


Fear Less & Love More | a purposeful life

I have had several powerful comments to the question, “What keeps you from being your best and living on purpose?” posed from my blog post Less to Need and More to Be.  I invite you to share in these personal life changing ah-ha moments.  This is parents raising themselves. Read the rest of this entry »


My Teachers | My Life Lessons

Is it possible my children were sent to me to raise me?  The last sentence of my last post, gave me a whole new paradigm to contemplate.  If the first step to raise my children is to raise myself, then is it fair to induce that my children were sent to me to raise me.  Read on if you would like to consider that our children are the teachers of our life lessons. Read the rest of this entry »


The Secret of Conscious Parenting

I confess –  I had not been to church in nearly six months, not even for Christmas.  This is not something I am proud of.  I was stuck, and it wasn’t doing anything for me.  (Notice the victim mentality and the passive language of my thoughts).  It was a conscious decision, but not from my source of love.  This was not conscious living. 

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Live Simply & Abundantly

The power of less credits the freedom from stuff with the joy of being.  Living simply and abundantly is consciously choosing to weed out the unimportant, so the garden can grow. Read the rest of this entry »


BOTH freedom of choice AND pro-life | a life of plenty

Are you true to yourself?  Do you honor your intentions in all aspects of your life?  Do you lead with your highest values in your family, social, and spiritual life?  Do you choose love in all the small and ordinary ways?

Sometimes we don’t see the freedom of choice in the little things, so I thought I would use a big one to make the point, and you can apply it to the small ones.  Since we just had the March for Life in Washington D.C., I thought abortion would be a good topic, fresh in our minds. Read the rest of this entry »


Conscious Parenting is a Verb

With all this talk about conscious parenting, I thought it might be time to diagram it and define it.  Conscious Parenting is a verb, demonstrating a state of being  and an action.  It is awareness with action. When practiced, conscious parenting is a way of thinking, a habit, and a lifestyle.    It is who I am, how I do it, and what I have.  Read the rest of this entry »


We’re being it: more with less

We are officially committed to simplify life. We met with the architect to create a family oasis, our own little haven of peace and serenity. The plan is simple, mindful, and half the size of our current home. Because of decisions we have already put into practice, we are able to be more with less. Read the rest of this entry »