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My Happiness Project

Inspired by The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and Good Life Project by Jonathan Fields, I am focusing on one small act or intention that I would like to amplify in my life.  After contemplating this, and borrowing their words, I realized I already have a Happiness Project and Good Life Project, and I have coined it A Life of Plenty.  Now to just define it more clearly to myself.  This is my effort.

A note to readers:  This is a dynamic posting and will be edited to reflect my monthly intentions.

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Living Gift Market & Moving Sale

You are invited
Living Gift Market & Moving Sale

A lot of stuff is not making the move.
We want to give to those who can use it or need it.
The holidays are quickly approaching and we all have gifts to buy for people who already have enough.
I want to teach my children responsibility with their privilege.
My children are currently very interested in farming and preserving the planet.
If one is hungry, we cannot have world peace.

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Gardening with Children: If I plant rude-bagas, I can’t expect sweet peas


On a personal note:  This is my contemplation and how the title of my blog came to be.  I began writing this months ago, and today I decided to let go – to plant it, nourish it, and let it grow into whatever it is intended to be.  I am not sure how long I could have held and massaged it, protected and perfected, not wanting to let go until I knew the outcome, the fruit of my labor.  If we are just still and observe, we don’t have to look far to see our unconscious patterns.  Writing shows me a lot about myself and my parenting, and always a work in progress.  So today I let go of my attachment and marinate in wonder and anticipation of the fruit.      

Peace in Bloom

Peace in Bloom


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4 Ways to More Vacation Time without Busting the Budget

You may travel the world looking for beauty, love, and happiness. You will come home empty, unless you carry it in your heart.

Blisscipline is my practice of maintaining mind, body, and spirit.  It’s like being on vacation every day.  I wake-up early to prepare my mind, body, and spirit for the day.  It usually includes a short yoga and meditation, and planning my day with intention and purpose – to maintain this alignment throughout the day.  Who says I can’t live like this, guilt free? Read the rest of this entry »

Catch a Wave of Insight

Soul SurferThis past weekend, I took my daughters on a date to see Soul Surfer.  You may have heard it described as the inspirational movie about the teenage surfer who survives a shark attack, and goes on to become a Professional Surfer.  Read the rest of this entry »

Stop excusing yourself | Start living a real life


I chose to run, then write.

My first message of the day, from my number one fan:  “Have whatever kind of day you choose.  Love you.”  Thank you for the wake-up call.  That’s right…my day is up to me and your day is up to you.  I am not sure what my day will look like, and I know how it will feel – peaceful and loving.  Read the rest of this entry »

Why I Run

This past weekend I attended a Mindfulness Retreat at Cedar Creek in New Haven, Missouri.   Nestled in the rolling hills of wine country, I felt surrounded in peace and tranquility.  The retreat was beautifully orchestrated by the Ladies Ministry at Morning Star Church.  The theme was “Why Do You Run” with Kristen MyersRead the rest of this entry »

One Size Does Not Fit All

Several people have asked for an update on our big, small move.  It is important to point out that one size does not fit all.  My size is not your size.  Nor am I writing this to judge your size or suggest a size for you.  My intention for myself and in sharing my story is that we all may be more mindful of our size. Read the rest of this entry »

Early to Rise and Other Habits of a Life Entrepreneur

The Sun and the Moon

The Sun and the Moon, this morning

Last week, my husband came home from getting a haircut where he had read an article about Benjamin Franklin, and said, “Do you realize you are saying the same thing Benjamin Franklin was saying almost three hundred years ago?”  It’s true – the message is old, and maybe it is time for a refresher course. Read the rest of this entry »

Spread Peace, Love & Laughter

Spread LoveCan you guess whose life purpose this is:    To Spread Love & Laughter?  This could be the purpose of a priest who adds comic relief with a ventriloquist show for children at the end of each mass.  This could be the purpose of a circus clown of Cirque du Soleil.  Or, this could be the purpose of a stay-at-home mom of three.  It is not what you do; it is how you do it that matters.  This is your individual contribution to the world.  This is the cool thing:  you get to give your life its meaning – not me, not your children, all you.  You get the privilege to create the meaning in your life, to find the sacred in the ordinary.   Read the rest of this entry »