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Kitchen Club

Mindul eating

I am what I eat, by Emily

Kitchen Club

Kitchen Club originated when a family friend shared with me her story of cooking for the week with her daughter.  Rosie noticed her daughter, a young working mother, caught in the eating out, fast-food trap.  As a concerned mother and grandmother, she offered a mother-daughter Kitchen Club at her home to cook the meals for the week. 

Making healthy meals is something I continue to work towards, and I loved her idea of a weekly cooking party.  One block of time, one mess, and meals for the week.  Less stress and more healthy-eating is a win-win for the family. 

My current schedule is a weekly Kitchen Club with 2 other moms, for a total of 3 meals.  We bring enough ingredients to triple the recipe and share.  Additionally, my husband prepares and freezes several meat entrees in his own personal monthly Kitchen Club. 

Create a Kitchen Club for you – include friends, family, or children.  Make meal planning a fun social event or family time without the stress or fast-food trap.  Kitchen Club is just one more way to simplify life and cultivate health and well-being.

Are you ready to simplify the dinner routine and plan ahead with healthy, family-friendly recipes?  Check out Cooking with Olivia.  She’s a dear friend, chiropractor, nutritionist, mother of three, and Life Entrepreneur.  My favorite feature on the site is the minimalist’s My Recipe Box to tag and store favorites.  No more sauce stained recipe cards; good riddance old-fashioned cookbooks.  Hello counter space.

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