What does it prove anyway?

I admit, I am a little resentful of public display of knowledge. (Maybe I am scarred from my debut on DB’s Delight circa 1985). When I first heard of the National Geographic Bee, I wondered what does it prove anyway? Today, I found my answer. Read the rest of this entry »


The Chronicles of a Space Kid : One Summer’s Night

We were at a party at our neighbor’s house this past weekend.  Their house is visible from ours, but across the lake.  Henry, our six-year-old son, was kayaking with another child when he decided to go home.  She came back and told us Henry went home.  No big deal to us; he manages himself well enough.  We figured it was Lego time for him and we too would be headed home soon.

We continued to visit with friends, when someone asked, “Isn’t that your boat headed this way?”  “Yeah, but I don’t know who is driving,” shrugged Steve.  The boat continued at a respectful speed, and at about 150 yards out, Steve yelled, “Henry?” Read the rest of this entry »


Thanksgiving Prayer

For FOOD in a world

where many walk in hunger;

For FAITH in a world

where many walk in fear;

For FRIENDS in a world

where many walk alone;