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Our Smart Green House

This is my effort to journal our home building process.  It is a dynamic post to be added to as we grow.

Digging Deep

The bids are in.  And ouch is about all I can say.  It hurts – it’s bruising my spirit.  When we ask the builder what is out of line, what is throwing our numbers off the charts, the answer is everything that makes our home a smart green home.

Feeling wounded, we go home and soul search.  What is our purpose in building this home?  What is in our end in mind?  What are our highest values, and is this home congruent with them? Read the rest of this entry »


How are you today | a check-in with myself

Recently, someone asked how it has been for me, since returning from the Mindfulness Retreat.  Have I been able to maintain mindfulness in my daily life?  I decided to check-in with myself for a 60-day review.

Some days are easier than others.  Some days I rock it, and some days I just rock the boat.  It is probably more appropriate to measure mindfulness in moments, not days. Read the rest of this entry »


Losing the money was the best lesson of the day

I had the privilege of taking my daughter and classmate on a Going Out to the zoo for a research project. They were given $10 for incidentals, should they need it.  The only instruction was to bring back a receipt.

Walking back to the car, the one who had been carrying the money announced, “The money isn’t in my pocket.”  It was nowhere to be found – not the pocket, not the car, not the school. Read the rest of this entry »


In honor of Aunt Bonnie | A Purposeful Life

I am honored to have been asked to write this eulogy.  That may seem strange, and I believe that is why I was asked.  I tend to think differently.  I find good in all things because I believe all things are good.  And so you ask, “How are the circumstances for which we are here good?”  For Aunt Bonnie, she is peace.  For us, this is an opportunity to edit our lives.  It is in these occasions that we understand death is the seed of new life. Read the rest of this entry »


Conscious Parenting Begins in the Womb

Welcome.  This is an interview with Dr. Whitney Hamed, friend, chiropractor, and author of

Whitney is a Life Entrepreneur, role model, and inspiration to me.  Whitney recently welcomed her newest addition to the family, Taylor Olivia.  She has a unique birthing story.  I asked her to share a bit of her story – where she finds the trust and authenticity to be true to herself. Read the rest of this entry »


Stop excusing yourself | Start living a real life


I chose to run, then write.

My first message of the day, from my number one fan:  “Have whatever kind of day you choose.  Love you.”  Thank you for the wake-up call.  That’s right…my day is up to me and your day is up to you.  I am not sure what my day will look like, and I know how it will feel – peaceful and loving.  Read the rest of this entry »


Practice Crossing the Bridge

Crossing the BridgeI am excited to share my interview with a Life Entrepreneur.  She is also a mother of 3, yogini, dancer and choreographer, health & wellness advocate, and friend.  When I asked for the interview, she said, “Sure, but I don’t know what my story is.”  Exactly my point – Life Entrepreneurship is a habit, a lifestyle.  It is the essence of who they are, how they live, and what they have.  Read the rest of this entry »


The Compost of Joy

Michigan sky

A Ray of Light

I am honored and privileged to share with you my first interview with a Life Entrepreneur.  She is an ordinary person leading an extra-ordinary life.    Read the rest of this entry »