Living a Win-Win Life

This is my outline and flow of thoughts for a 7 Habits group meeting discussing the 4th Habit:  Thinking Win-Win.

We know what win-win is…do we know the secret to living a win-win life?  With self, with family, and with others.  Living Win-Win is Thinking Win-Win on the macro-level, wherein Thinking Win-Win is our spiritual orientation and therefore how we live our lives.  Could we consider Thinking Win-Win the secret ingredient of alchemy 101 – transforming our fears of uncertainty into a fear-less life?  It is those moments of lose-lose and win-lose that we shut ourselves off to opportunity, creativity, and growth.  Only in Win-Win do we find synergy, momentum, and leverage. Read the rest of this entry »


The Way to a Happy Life according to an 8- and 6-year old

Children are wise souls, and may often be more in touch with their essence than their parents. My children offer constant guidance, if only I were a better listener. This is a collection of bits of wisdom that I compiled during recent conversations with my 8- and 6- year old daughters. Read the rest of this entry »


How Do We Teach Our Children to Mind?

Mindfulnessmind [mahynd] – verb (without object)

  1. to be in a state of awareness;
  2. to take notice, observe, or understand;
  3. to care or feel concern. Read the rest of this entry »

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Last week I made the opportunity to do some minimizing.  Steadily, we are reducing and recycling before the little, big move next year.  (I’m a both-and kind of gal).  It’s little because there won’t be much to move.  It’s big because it is a huge leap of authenticity, trust, and personal power.  I love sharing our story – if it helps you in anyway, then I serve my purpose in writing this blog.    Read the rest of this entry »


Love Transforms Your Home

If you believe you are free to choose your actions and reactions, and are responsible for your own life, then this may be the pivotal foundation block of which to build your life purpose.  Our purpose in life is to love more and fear less.  We live our purpose through conscious living and the choices we make in our everyday experiences.  Read the rest of this entry »


Fear Less & Love More | a purposeful life

I have had several powerful comments to the question, “What keeps you from being your best and living on purpose?” posed from my blog post Less to Need and More to Be.  I invite you to share in these personal life changing ah-ha moments.  This is parents raising themselves. Read the rest of this entry »


Why I gave up the F word

Something changed after I had my first child, and I no longer had the want to get my hair colored and nails gelled. In the beginning, this was strictly a practical decision. For a year, I had a 3 hour time window for all things personal, all other time was not only mine but also my beautiful little suckling, dependent upon me for sustenance. Read the rest of this entry »


I am putting limits on the pacifier

Recently, I had a realization that many adults use pacifiers.  More commonly referred to as a PDA, smart phone, or tablet computer, most adults, teenagers, and tweens for that matter, are carrying around some electronic device like an infant carries a binky.  Read the rest of this entry »


My home is heaven on earth

Allow me to disclose:  I believe in the Montessori Method of education.  AND this blog is not to convert you, so please read on.

The greatest influence (and there are many), the Montessori Method has had on our family lifestyle is the premise of our home as a prepared environment.  As the gardener, I see my duty to constantly and consistently plant and weed, plant and weed.  Maintaining beauty, order, and simplicity that create an envionment of love, peace, and creativity.  I believe an orderly physical world gives order to the mental world.  I know when I can function best and I expect nothing less for my children. 
Read the rest of this entry »