Minecraft | a dyslexic world

Having a child with dyslexia and an intention to cater to his strengths and to find alternative correction, has lead me to things I never considered before. Minecraft is one.


Reaping the Benefits | the gift of dyslexia

A few weeks have passed since my son completed the Davis Method for Young Learners and I want to update you on Henry’s progress.  The program itself is simple, but complex, and difficult to immediately comprehend so I was doing a lot of trusting.  And it is paying off. Read the rest of this entry »


Confusion Threshold

The point at which one becomes disorientated, often resulting in the inability to read and write.  Well hell’s bells, I’m beginning to think I’m dyslexic too.

I am nearing information overload as I have researched incessantly the subject matter of dyslexia, its symptoms and solutions.

Up to this point, we have not done anything traditional in regards to our children’s education and I really don’t plan to now.  If the goal is “to read at grade level”, “to be ready for a traditional classroom”, or “to learn to take a test”, I am not interested.  Anyway, there isn’t anything at grade level about this child.  He is no average kid.  In every area, he presents either above or below.

Tonight’s Design-Build

I am committed to providing whatever he needs to maintain his confidence and boost his reading & writing abilities as long as it is not at the expense of his 3-D, spatial, non-verbal, experiential abilities.    I am convinced that with enough time, effort, and money, we could make him a linear, verbal thinker.  (All the studies indicate in approximately 3 years).  Ain’t gonna do it.  So in other words, I want him to learn to read and write within his own framework, not mine.

I met a lady today whom I am trusting to give us solace.  Her name is Cathy Cook at On Point Learning Center in Columbia.  She is dyslexic, has 4 dyslexic children and 3 dyslexic grandchildren.  (Did I mention it’s hereditary?).  She has worked in special education for years trying to “teach” reading.  Then she discovered, The Gift of Dyslexia by Ron Davis.  The traditional method tries to teach reading; the Davis method teaches orientation and the student learns to read.

The theory is that the same dis-orientation that allows him to see in 3-D prevents him from reading & writing in 2-D.  The remedy is to re-orient the mind’s eye.  How complexly simple is that!

As for my son, he gets to meet with Cathy to talk about his imagination and play with clay.  He thinks it’s kind of cool.


What do I do with my children’s year-end school work?

If you are looking for an alternative to the piles of papers and tubs of art projects, here is a simplified minimalist approach to turn mounds of clutter into masterpieces. This is a purposeful and beautiful way to cherish and share your children’s creative work. Read the rest of this entry »


Stop excusing yourself | Start living a real life


I chose to run, then write.

My first message of the day, from my number one fan:  “Have whatever kind of day you choose.  Love you.”  Thank you for the wake-up call.  That’s right…my day is up to me and your day is up to you.  I am not sure what my day will look like, and I know how it will feel – peaceful and loving.  Read the rest of this entry »


Matter Doesn’t Matter

One Seed Can Start a GardenIn my new simplified life, I am creating margins.  It is the space in which to live and love with my whole-heart.  Moments of mindfulness allow us to both love what is and a live a life by design.  

The “do, did, done” way of living is merely reacting and responding to circumstances, stimuli, and other people.  I have switched my paradigm to one of “am, create, have.”  Instead of living a life of reaction; I am creating a life by design.  Read the rest of this entry »


My Teachers | My Life Lessons

Is it possible my children were sent to me to raise me?  The last sentence of my last post, gave me a whole new paradigm to contemplate.  If the first step to raise my children is to raise myself, then is it fair to induce that my children were sent to me to raise me.  Read on if you would like to consider that our children are the teachers of our life lessons. Read the rest of this entry »


Keep the Peace on Snow Days

peace on snow day

After 4 ½ snow days, I have read numerous panicked facebook posts about what to do with “little monsters” and the havoc they create, teenagers playing video games for countless hours, and families in complete chaos of stuff, things, noise, and junk food.

It is not only possible to survive the snow days, but also to keep the peace.   Read the rest of this entry »


Silent and Mindful | a journey of conscious parenting

I just completed the Silent Journey and Discovery at OakHaven Montessori School.  The Silent Journey is an invitation to experience the classroom from the child’s perspective.  I didn’t have to be asked twice.  I am actively seeking opportunities to use my right brain, experience moments of mindfulness, and otherwise see the world from the pure potential of a child.  Read the rest of this entry »


Care Instructions

If only our children had arrived with care instructions, parenting might be easier.  However, they did not and I believe that was intentional.  It is the process of learning our children’s care instructions that life unfolds and we create and experience our purpose in this role called parenting.  The “conscious” part of the job is remembering that each child has individual care instructions, and has been given to us to care for and to grow in the best conditions we can offer.  With the proper proportion and combination of acceptance, respect, discipline, freedom, trust, and love, our children can flourish to their fullest potential and we will have lived a life on purpose.     Read the rest of this entry »