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Celebrate the Tall Poppy

tall poppyBeliefs enhance or sabotage our lives. We manifest our beliefs into reality in our lives, and in our relationships. We are only limited by our beliefs. In fact, our beliefs are so strong that we unconsciously seek alignment with our beliefs, even if they are faulty and limited.

I have been giving a lot of contemplation lately to why change is difficult, even for those who want to change. And why we continually fall back into our old patterns.  What I have discovered is this:  it is human nature to take the path of least resistance. And the path of least resistance is the path that was paved into our subconscious between the ages of birth and five years old.

During these first five years of life, our subconscious mind is downloading all experiences as facts and truth that becomes the program that runs our lives. Our beliefs are embedded in our subconscious from early in our lives, and then reinforced through our lives, and until we decide to rewrite them.

The subconscious mind overpowers and under-minds the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is a million (1,000,000) times stronger that our conscious mind. It is believed that we use our conscious mind only 5% of the day. So, 95% of the time, we rely on our subconscious mind to make our decisions. This is incredibly important information. We unconsciously rely on the embedded download from our childhood 95% of the time.

This is doubly important: First, this stresses the importance for making sense of our own maps and patterns. Secondly, this emphasizes to stop the pattern, we must create a new path for our children during their most formidable years.

Have you identified your dis-empowering or ineffective patterns? You know, the ones you unconsciously revert to time and again? The ones that have maybe been passed down from generation to generation? Are you ready to create a new path for you and your family? Consider this, the caterpillar has the same DNA as its butterfly. Are you ready to spread your wings and learn to fly? Are you ready to be the potential you were born to be? It all comes down to one thing – do you believe?

Have you allowed your child to grow her wings? Do you shackle your child with your own limiting beliefs? Is she living your limited expectations? Funny how that works, huh? Beliefs are a very strong subliminal energy, that lives within us and passes between us. When your child tries to push the edges, grow outside the box, or be the tall poppy, how do you respond?

Do you cut the tall poppy to conform to your beliefs? Are you limiting the potential of your child to social norms, to a life of fear and mediocrity?  The best parenting advice I can give is to invest in you. Become a Life Entrepreneur. Create your life by design, and initiate change at the belief level. Celebrate the tall poppy and opportunities in life, emphasize strengths and successes, and peer up with other tall poppies.

You are what you think, and your children will live up to your beliefs too. Conscious parenting is having the courage to not cut the tall poppy, and believe that they can grow even taller with love. This is parenting with purpose and creating a garden by design, and a life of love.

I am writing this while my 8-year old sings, “Who says, who says, I can’t be Superman? I say, I say, I know that I can.” Sing on, sweetie!

Cultivating Tall Poppies,

My Child's Gardener Badge

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