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Matter Doesn’t Matter

One Seed Can Start a GardenIn my new simplified life, I am creating margins.  It is the space in which to live and love with my whole-heart.  Moments of mindfulness allow us to both love what is and a live a life by design.  

The “do, did, done” way of living is merely reacting and responding to circumstances, stimuli, and other people.  I have switched my paradigm to one of “am, create, have.”  Instead of living a life of reaction; I am creating a life by design. 

There is only one pre-requisite to manifestation.  Manifestation of your design requires that you know what you want.  All the how-to’s in the world won’t create your life of plenty, unless you first know what you want.  So, if you find yourself caught in the whirlwind of doing because there is “never enough” time, money, sleep, health, etc., then you may be working from a defective paradigm.  It may be because you don’t know what you want, that you think you don’t have enough, and live by reacting and responding, one problem to the next.

I am more and more convinced that society and traditional education has led us on a wild goose chase.  We are taught to be problem-solvers.  One, this assumes a problem. Then if our success is based on how efficiently we solve problems, we most certainly create job security – more problems.  Yes, we create our problems.  And conversely, we can create a life by design.      

I am removing myself from the arena of problem- solver and into the realm of creator.  If I create the reality I want, then the how-to’s will grow organically.  I am not concerning myself with the how-to’s; I trust they will come.   

The simple Truth of this card demonstrates the power of intention.  One moment of mindfulness can create a new destiny.  What I am suggesting is that instead of worrying about how to get rid of the crabgrass, plant kindness. 

I am manifesting a life of plenty – I live and love with my whole-heart, and I am letting go of the stuff, both physical and mental, that had me anchored in a past life.  I am freeing myself to be here today and primed to evolve for tomorrow.

What is incredible about this experience is the amount of energy it has created in my life.  I refer to energy as the amount of life used for sustenance.  Moving from problem-solver to creator is a liberating and empowering experience.  It may be my most powerful, life-changing paradigm shift to-date.

Energy is the sole governing factor of the physical.  Matter doesn’t matter; the energy field is all that matters.  Change the energy; change the matter.  ~Albert Einstein

I am shifting my thinking from time management to energy management.  Effective energy management actually produces more life, in me and in others.  It is the investment in the moment that reaps dividends for tomorrow.  Evaluate your day from the energy perspective.  If you find certain circumstances “drain” you; you are probably working from the problem-solver mode.  If you are “zapped” at the end of the day; you probably worked as a problem-solver. 

Be a creator and realize an amazing amount of energy for life.  This is energy fueled by purpose and intention.  A life by design is a purposeful life, and a life of plenty. 

If you are ready to make the shift, then take the first step:  know what you want, and create it.  Stop focusing on what you don’t want.  You are wasting energy!       

Stay with me over the next few posts as we play-out examples of integrating this paradigm shift into our family lives.  Thank you to my sis-in-law for this thoughtful card.  It is framed and sets on my night stand as a daily reminder to invest my energy on purpose.   

Cultivating Intentions,


My Child's Gardener Badge

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