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The Compost of Joy

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A Ray of Light

I am honored and privileged to share with you my first interview with a Life Entrepreneur.  She is an ordinary person leading an extra-ordinary life.   

This story is about sadness, sorrow, and loss juxtaposed to hope, love, and joy.  What I didn’t know until the interview was how to tell her story and then she said, “My story is everyone’s story.  We all experience sadness and loss, and we create something new.”  With that simply profound statement, I realized that the particulars are irrelevant, peripheral in the context of life.  

First lesson:  Life Entrepreneurs take life’s grief and use it for the compost of joy.  It isn’t that they live a charmed life and don’t experience loss and grief.  The differentiating characteristic is what they choose to do with the sadness.  As she said, “it is still there and probably always will be and I am not focusing on it.”  I am choosing not to attract sadness and grief in my life.  

“We are what we think.  All that we are arises from our thoughts.  With our thoughts, we make our world.”  ~ Buddha

We contemplated the meaning and significance of loss, and I asked if she is able to put meaning in her loss yet.  She said, “It is neither good nor bad, but different.  I realized that my plan is not necessarily God’s plan.  And I am trusting that in time it will make sense to me in the context of my life.”   

Lesson two:  Life Entrepreneurs understand that they choose the meaning, nothing is inherently good or bad until they decide.  AND, they trust that they can find the good in everything.  

Through this experience, she has leaned that a lot of her loss was a reflection of society’s expectation and the assumption that anything less is a “less-than/not-enough” life.  With the courage to let go of conforming and comparing, she  recognizes that she has a blessed and joy-full life right now. As she articulated it, “I am not what-ifing my life away.  I still have hope AND I am not living in expectation.”  

Lesson three:  Life Entrepreneurs love what is.  They know that the only time they truly have is now.  They can have hope and dreams for the future, and live this moment to the fullest.  

We talked about resilience, the ability to bounce back, after grief.  I asked where do you find your resilience?  “My daughter.  When I look at her, I know I do not want to worry about what I don’t have.  My life’s purpose is greater than this event, and I know I wouldn’t be where I am without this experience.”   

Lesson four:  Life Entrepreneurs know that their purpose is greater than any circumstance.  Circumstances are merely events to push our outer limits beyond what we thought possible, and reveal new growth.    

God raises the bar to raise us.  We can live as a victim of our circumstances or rise above our old limits and see new potential.  Being a Life Entrepreneur is a lifestyle, a way of thinking, being, and living life, not just when times are easy.  A Life Entrepreneur finds value and worthiness in all of life.  They are able to integrate the parts and make a whole – experience all aspects and live and love whole-hearted.  It is an extra-ordinary life that transcends the ordinary.   

One-by-one, in random order, I grabbed her key phrases and they perfectly aligned with The Anatomy of a Life Entrepreneur:  

  • Purpose – My life’s purpose is greater than this. 
  • Creativity – I create something new.
  • Influence – I choose not to focus on sadness, loss, and grief.
  • Love – I love what is.
  • Authenticity – I decide the meaning; begone with society’s expectations.
  • Trust – I trust.
  • Connection– My story is everyone’s story. 

In conclusion, she summarized that she really does have it all:  a meaningful career, adventures to look forward to, and a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter to love.   I give praise and gratitude for what I have – who could ask for anything more.  This is a life of plenty.   

Thank you, dear friend, for trusting me enough to share your story.  Your story is life in a nutshell – suffering and beautiful.  Many will gain inspiration from you and your perspective.  A Life Entrepreneur is resilient like you!  

Love & Peace in all things,  


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