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The Gift of No

We are intended to have a life of love – loving what we do and doing what we love.  This is the simple business of love, and Life Entrepreneurs keep their Return on Investment (ROI) in the forefront of the mind.  They do it with love, or it’s not worth doing.

Just to reverberate from The Anatomy of a Life Entrepreneur :  Life Entrepreneurs invest their time wisely.  Life Entrepreneurs are the new rich.  They invest their time and money in the things that matter most to them.  They love what they do and do what they love.  What makes them rich is the richness of their life. 

“The true cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.” – Thoreau

Time is your greatest asset.  Be frugal with it.  Don’t give it away.  Don’t waste it away.  Don’t spend it away.  Is it time for an investment analysis to make sure your time is working for you?  Evaluate your ROI today.  How are you investing your time?  Are you earning dividends or just racking up expenses?  Here are 4 simple investment criteria for the Life Entrepreneur and the business of love:

  1. Things that matter most to me.
  2. Things that raise me up & empower me.
  3. Things that raise others up & empower them.
  4. What I am best at; what I am here to do.             

It is usually not “bad” things that get us off track.  It is those seemingly good things that can run you straight off the road, detoured, or dead ended.  It is the good versus good dilemma.  And many times it is a fine line between the two.  That is why it is most important to know your purpose and values; it serves as your compass.  Without it, you have no guideposts for your choices. 

Think of it this way, “Saying No is Saying Yes to something else.”  That’s right…I choose to say no to happy hour because I am saying yes to our family dinner.  I choose to say no to that birthday party because I am saying yes to a family camping trip.  Conversely, what are all your yes-yes-yes’s saying no to?  Are you putting what matters most at the mercy of what matters least?  There is no room for comparing, competing, or conforming.  This is about you – your values, your purpose, your life.  It is time to be true. 

It isn’t about doing everything.  It’s about doing what we love, and doing it with our whole-heart.  There are too many half-hearted people- trying to do it all and short changing everything.  And it is a great lesson to teach our children early in life.  I am teaching my children to make decisions based on the investment criteria of the Life Entrepreneur and the business of love.  

Children appreciate the simplified life of less to do and more to be, consuming less and creating more.  As adults, we often hurry them through because we choose to get the next event.  Children are naturally single-task minded.   It is a more balanced, harmonic state of being.  I am taking the lead from my children on this one.  

Today, I am giving myself The Gift of No.  I made this plaque to remind myself of the power of no – saying no means saying yes to something else.  Every invitation and every to-do is an investment decision and I want to remind myself that I am a Life Entrepreneur and in the business of love.  I choose to invest my time wisely, doing what I love and loving what I do.  Everything else receives The Gift of No.  It is a gift of love to me and my family. 

The Gift of No
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Cultivating the gift of no & the business of love,


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