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Courage to Be True

So one night at dinner, Emily (our 8-year old daughter) presented a “you know what I want to do” idea.  At first, the idea could have been perceived so outlandish and immediately squelched as an unobtainable grandious dream.  In fact, I would like to suggest that our children are offering these opportunities to us every day, in big and small ways.  Depending on our state of heart and mind, we respond from fear or love.  Fortunately, when this story took place, we were in a state of love where everything is possible.

Emily proceeded to articulate in great detail “a business plan.”  Of course, she did not call it that.  Instead of blowing her off, instead of telling her she was crazy, instead of saying that would never work, we encouraged her to tell us more.  We heard out her thoughts and dreams, and planted some new seeds of energy.  

After dinner, she proceeded to draw a floorplan of the business site, including hours of operation.  You want to know the very interesting part – she plans to open this business when she is 10.  She included roles for her brother and sister if they would like to join her.  And she created it from what she loves to do and where she sees a need unmet in today’s marketplace.  In fact, it is so unique with its child-like beauty, I have found only one other place in the United States offering such a concept.  Get this – also started by a child with the help of her parents, at age 14!

I offer this example to raise our awareness and create action.  Every day we have moments to empower or dis-empower our children through our words and actions.  If we want to help our children to play at the top of their game, then we must be at the top of our game.  If we want our children to live a true life, then we have to live a true life.  If we want our children to follow their dreams, then we have to follow ours.  If we want our children to be Life Entrepreneurs, then we have to be Life Entrepreneurs. 
Do What You Love

I do not know what Emily’s business plan will grow into.  What I do know is that I just saw a glimpse of the true Emily.  My job is to cultivate the courage in her to stay authentic and follow her dreams.  When we lead with love, doors open.  When we trust, the universe supports us.  We are intended to have a life of love.  We are intended to be Life Entrepreneurs.         

I am not going to accept the status quo of traditional thought that assumes children are to be normalized by third grade.  I want something more for my children.  I believe there is so much under-utilized potential within each of us that we begin to accept the less than life.  I choose to believe that we can grow exponentially when empowered.  I choose to believe that my children are just seeds beginning to sprout.  I will not cut off a bud before it blossoms.  Instead I intend to give it rain and sunshine, and everything it needs to grow to its potential.  I will not have them limited by my thoughts or standardized to look like everyone else.  

Accepting the courage to be a Life Entrepreneur is a conscious choice to lead with love, follow your purpose, and trust the path will be a life of plenty.  

Cultivating Courage,


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