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Choose Love

“Is Love a Choice?”  was a question posed to me several months ago.  I reverberated that question to friends and family since then.  What intrigues me most is the resistance to accept Love as a choice.  It is as if people know the answer in their heart, and want an exception to the rule.  Yes, Love is a choice, and I believe it is difficult to accept “Love is a choice” because of the immense responsibility that comes with it.  A reasoning mind says, if Love is a choice, then I am responsible for the Love (or lack thereof) in my life.  Resistance to this universal law of attraction is actually pushing Love away, out of your life.

Love is not about finding the right person; Love is about being the right person.   That is a powerful concept.  One so powerful that many are afraid to accept it.  There is another option:  Instead of being afraid of your power, you can choose to embrace it and empower your life.  You are the Love there is to be (in your life, in your home, in your world).  You are not here to be a victim of your circumstances; you are here to spread the Love.  It begins with you.  You can only give what you have. 

Are you a loving person to yourself?  Do you forgive yourself?  Do you keep your commitments to yourself?    It is hard, if not impossible, to practice outside yourself what you are not practicing within yourself.  Lurking in the shadows, bigger than life sometimes, are those fears of achieving, conforming, and perfecting.  And in front, proud and center, at the heart of all, is Love.  It is ours for the asking and allowing.  Choosing Love is an act of consciousness.  It is you coming from a place greater than yourself and using that energy to be love.        

Sure enough, we will blunder and fall into our shadow at times.  The hope I have for myself is that I detour less often and course correct more quickly.  And, use my mistakes as opportunities to show my imperfections and authenticity, and offer unconditional acceptance and forgiveness to myself.  This is what my children teach me, and I am learning to reciprocate.  Imperfection, unconditional acceptance, and forgiveness are gifts of Love.   Compassion, kindness, humility, and patience are the reflections of Love.  To offer these to my children is a true inheritance and a life of plenty.                

Val the Valentine's Penguin

When you feel sad, look at me. I will warm you up like a rainbow and a bonfire at the same time.~Emily

Emily’s homemade Valentine’s Day card to me read:  “I am Val the Valentine’s Penguin and whenever you feel sad, look at me.  I will warm you up like a rainbow and bonfire at the same time.”  Thank you Emily for this visual reminder that love is a choice and available to me always.  We can celebrate Valentine’s Day every day, if we choose to.  Love is a lifestyle, and a way of life.  It is responding from our best and highest self.  To live with more love and less fear is to have an amazing and audacious life.  This is conscious loving.   

“Life in abundance comes only through great love.”  ~ Elbert Hubbard


If you have Love in your family and Love is God, then your home is heaven on earth.  Love is your choice in every moment.  It is available to you in every moment, every day.  All the love you need is within, just uncover from the weeds of fear and create heaven on earth for your family.  Conscious Loving is your power to transform your home.  Choose Love. 

Choosing Love,


My Child's Gardener Badge

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