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Love Transforms Your Home

If you believe you are free to choose your actions and reactions, and are responsible for your own life, then this may be the pivotal foundation block of which to build your life purpose.  Our purpose in life is to love more and fear less.  We live our purpose through conscious living and the choices we make in our everyday experiences. 

We can look at how we choose to live our life from the concern / influence perspective.   Our Circle of Concern is all things which we worry and fear AND chose to do nothing about.  Our Circle of Influence is all things which we chose to empower in our lives.  We choose what to allow in our spheres, and which sphere to place it in.  We have power over our influences; our concerns have power over us.  The goal is to live an empowering life, one from influence not concern.  The following diagram was designed by my friend and sojourner, Nicole Phillips of Babymoon Boutique


Circle of Influence

Living a purposeful life has less concern and more influence.  To increase our influence, we can choose to eliminate concerns or we can choose to transform a concern to an influence.    I would like to offer a new concept:  Concern is fear-based and Influence is love-based.  We can consciously choose to eliminate fear or transform fear to love.  In this shift from fear to love, we raise our consciousness, change our thinking, and transform our lives from victim to activist.   

“To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while.”  ~Josh Billings

We can change our paradigm from fear to love, thereby transforming a concern to an influence.  We can choose to have influence over anything.  What do you choose?  Is it time to look at your life from the concern / influence perspective?  Are you generating conflict, pollution, anxieties over concerns that need not be in your life or that you can choose to change your thinking about?  Has something been dis-empowering you for long enough?  Are you operating from the Fear Matrix (pleasing, perfecting, performing, conforming, comparing, competing, achieving, accomplishing, accumulating) and ready to live a life of Love?

Concerned, dis-empowering parents act and react to feelings, circumstances, and external conditions.  Influential, empowering parents act and react from consciously selected and internalized values. 

My theory at My Child’s Gardener is we can transform our consciousness and thereby transform our home.  This is the power of conscious parenting.  It is awareness with action, empowering from the source of love.  I take responsibility for my actions and reactions, knowing that I influence my children with every decision I make.

♣  Feel free to comment on a specific concern you would like to transform.     

Cultivating Love,


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