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My Teachers | My Life Lessons

Is it possible my children were sent to me to raise me?  The last sentence of my last post, gave me a whole new paradigm to contemplate.  If the first step to raise my children is to raise myself, then is it fair to induce that my children were sent to me to raise me.  Read on if you would like to consider that our children are the teachers of our life lessons.

In no manner is this blog post an attempt to skirt parental responsibilities.  In fact, the power and responsibility is solely ours.  Contrary to popular belief, the student not the teacher is responsible for the manifestation and application of the materials; the teacher needs only to offer the lessons. 

Nothing is a more poignant example than the birth day of my first-born.  Lesson 1:   Living in the moment is all that really is; that’s why we call it reality.  All the planning and fantasies of how the perfect, natural birth would happen dissolved with the spinal block and an emergency cesarean.  A breach baby turned my world upside down.  And that was my Lesson 2:  my life is more than me – I am here for a reason greater than myself.  And that was just the beginning.  My children give lessons every day.  Some days I am more in tune and some days I need repeat lessons.  When we are receptive, parenting is a beautiful dance of reciprocity.  I receive so I can give.    

We cannot give what we don’t have.  What are your repeat lessons?  Does the same negative emotion repeatedly occur in your relationship?  Is there anger, embarrassment, resentment, resistance, or control in your relationship with your child?  These fears are your blocks to a mutually beneficial relationship with your child.  I challenge you to notice your blocks and begin to raise your awareness above them.  I believe you will find in raising yourself, you will raise your child.

“My garden is my favorite teacher.”  Betsy Canas Garmon

It is time to learn a new dance, a new way to react.  Rise above your blocks and fears, and be the parent your children need you to be.  I believe there are three universal life lessons our young children role model for us that we can consciously choose to receive and give back to them.         

Trust.  A child naturally loves whole-heartedly.  Children offer unconditional acceptance and forgiveness, unless and until taught otherwise.      

Authenticity.  Your true self honoring their true self – loving who they are, not what they do.  Ode to the innocence of a child where there is no ego.  It is our ego that asks them to be anything other than authentic. 

Abundance.  The unconditional love of children is the ultimate life lesson for an abundant life.  The bliss and pure joy of being is their gift to us.     

Commit to the journey today and become the parent your children need you to be.  Work to raise yourself daily, so that you may raise your children.  This is a life of plenty, and a true inheritance to give your children.    

Cultivating Authenticy & Abundance,


♣  My affirmation blessing to my children:  I am here for you; you are here for me.  Let me be open to receive my life lessons you were sent here to show me, so that I may reciprocate unconditional love.

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