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The Secret of Conscious Parenting

I confess –  I had not been to church in nearly six months, not even for Christmas.  This is not something I am proud of.  I was stuck, and it wasn’t doing anything for me.  (Notice the victim mentality and the passive language of my thoughts).  It was a conscious decision, but not from my source of love.  This was not conscious living. 

Prior to that, we dutifully went to church every week because we thought we should.  (Notice the shoulding on myself).  It was our duty and responsibility to the church and to our children.  It was a conscious decision, but also not from my source of love.  This was not conscious living.

And that’s where I was – stuck.  Not enthused about either option, so I did nothing.  Maybe your stuck place isn’t church, but I bet you have a similar place that you need to pry yourself out of.  And you are not willing to invest too much muscle because you don’t really like either option. 

Eureka!  I found it – consciousness is the secret tool to leverage you out of your sticky situation.    

This past Sunday, I had an “ah-ha” moment.  I returned to church.  I went to a new church with the expectation for connectedness.  And something magical happened – I got it!  That’s right…I got exactly what I was asking for.  And there it was, right before my eyes, handed to me on a silver platter…the secret.  I don’t know why it’s called the secret; I think it could more appropriately be called forgetfulness or the failure to ”re-member.”  Ultimately, we get exactly what we are looking for.  Sometimes it is easier to play victim and escape the responsibility of our own consciousness.       

“Abundance is not something we acquire.  It is something we tune into.”  ~ Wayne Dyer

Here is my new paradigm about church going:  I am no longer going to church out of duty or obedience, but because of my expectation of the potential of change within me and among the mass.  This is both a conscious decision, and from my source of love.  This is conscious living.  It is a shift in my awareness and energy – from fear to love and from resistance to peace.    

Conscious living and conscious parenting are awareness with action, and from the source of love.  So let’s wrap it up and put it together in a pretty package to share with our children.  Conscious parenting models conscious living for our children.  It is action with awareness, and always from our source of love.  It is motivation from our highest and true self.  It is in alignment with our highest values and feels natural and peaceful. 

Herein lays the secret of conscious parenting:  The universe gives us what we truly want.  Abundance is ours for the asking and allowing.  We can choose to forget or “re-member” our highest self and honor our responsibility as parents.  I am my child’s gardener.  If I plant crabbage and rudeabaga, I can’t expect sweet peas.

So it is in life, that which we plant, we shall harvest.   Ask.  Believe.  Receive. 

Cultivating Love & Peace,


♣  What are you secretly attracting into your life and family?  What are you asking and allowing to join your family…love or fear?

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