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Live Simply & Abundantly

The power of less credits the freedom from stuff with the joy of being.  Living simply and abundantly is consciously choosing to weed out the unimportant, so the garden can grow.

Some things are just worth repeating.  And this one seems worthy of expansion.

I began on this personal endeavor to simplify life a few years ago in an effort to put first things first in my life.  I am not in this alone; my husband is right in here with me.  Actually, most days he is ahead of me.  It has been through the process of simplifying that we continue to have more.  We are discovering a life of plenty.  It is within all of us – we just have to clear out the unimportant to find it.

Chisel away at your mountain of stuff so that you can see clear across to a place called enough.  The view is spectacular!  – Katie Tallo in “Momentum Gathering”

Now the momentum is with us and this is a movement of change for me and my family.  We have raised our consciousness above the status quo and conventional wisdom.  It all began with a one simple thought:  I want to have it all.  I want to live simply and abundantly.  I know my children will be successful wherever and whatever they choose, and I want something more.        

I just had coffee with a dear friend, challenging each other to find more with less.  As she articulated so well, working from the “more is not enough” paradigm will never bring happiness, fulfillment…enough.

If conscious living is something you are interested in, don’t wait for some perfect time in the future to start being who you are.  Start with a few small projects.  Stop “shoulding” on yourself and make a game plan.  Write out 7 things you would like to eliminate and do one each week for the next 7 weeks.  If they are big ones, break into multiple weeks.  The idea is to have some small successes and feel the benefits, and you’ll be on your way to living both simply and abundantly.  I did this exercise before, and thought it was time again.  Remember, it is a continual process and a lifestyle, the first step is the beginning of a new destiny.  So here’s my current list, what I am working away from and moving towards:

  1. Less other people’s business; More my business.  Best I can tell, there are three types of businesses – God’s business, other people’s business, and my business.  I want to make sure I am concerning myself with my business.  I am only responsible for myself, so I am banking on that being the best investment of my time and energy. 
  2. Less noise; More trusting.  I am referring to the amount of internal dialogue of doubt verse the internal confidence of trust.  I am learning to trust my intuition and my gut.  The more awareness and clarity of purpose and intentions, the easier trusting is.  I trust that preparation and opportunity bring abundance to my life.    
  3. Less morning rigmarole; more evening family time.  For our family, the morning routine is fairly regular – breakfast, 99-point checklist, leave for school.  Now if daddy is home, the children are completely dependent – they want him to fix breakfast, sit with them while they get dressed, brush their hair, etc.  If he is not home, they manage to get themselves ready.  For me, the evening routine is much more challenging than the morning.  Between the decompression from school and the low blood sugar before dinner, any help is appreciated.  So we have made a team decision that my hubby will go into work earlier and be home earlier to allow for more quality family time.  Especially as our children are getting older, two hours between daddy getting home and bedtime is just not enough.      
  4. Less intensity; more effectiveness.  I have been operating from the “no pain, no gain” paradigm of fitness for some time now.  If I wasn’t sore, I didn’t think I had worked hard enough.  I was running a roller coaster loop of race to burn-out, race to burn-out, do it again.  I have decided to take a sabbatical this year from racing, and just concentrate on health and well-being.  I am practicing yoga for balance and focus, transformetrics (virtual resistance) for strength, and spin and run for fun.  It is less intense and more effective for a life of health and well-being.   
  5. Less stuff; more space.  I have come a long way on this way, and still have a way to go.  I keep the word “Detachment” on my Weekly Compass to keep my efforts focused.  I have a perpetual Goodwill box, otherwise known as a trunk, and choose a weekly review area – closets, drawers, garage, pantry, plastic.  This week is the socks and t-shirts.  I think my husband is still working from the college paradigm when he did laundry only once a month.  He really doesn’t need 30 pair anymore.
  6. More awareness; less stress.  In my guided meditation group this week, our facilitator was explaining more awareness manifest less stress and greater health.  If we visualize the mind literally opening and expanding with awareness, it pushes the anxieties, worries, and other stressors out.  And from there, manifests immense physical health benefits.  Now that is the power of less. 
  7. Less clothes; more nakedness.  Well, that was my husband’s two cents. (See if I ask for his input again!)  I suppose there is truth to his statement.  Fewer things to do, gives more time to “do it.”

The concept of less is more and the lifestyle of minimalism is not about doing without.  It is about being more – more of the important; less of the unimportant.  It will look different in every family.  There is a fine line between enough and excess, only visible to you.  Simply shifting from scarcity to abundance, from fear to love, allows us to let go of excess and simply live, simply and abundantly.

Cultivating Abundance,


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