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A perfectly present day – a gift in every way

the gift of presencce

Mindfulness by Emily

As I wrap up this day, I decided to tie a bow on and share it with you.  Today was a day of all important and non-urgent matters. Here is a snapshot of living in the flow – happiness now and a clear vision for the future.  You know when you experience it…contentment, joy, peace.

  • Up at 5:30 – Daily Blisscipline (yoga & writing).
  • Morning breakfast & routine with children.
  • Monthly meeting with property management company – reviewed financials and 30 and 60-day projections.
  • 2 hr. Lunch & coffee with H (and a little more writing).
  • Refinance closing – a step in our big plan to be debt-free in two years.  And by choice, we took a big fat check to reduce our mortgage by 25%.  No, this is not conventional wisdom.  Maybe another investment could make more money.  That is not our trump card right now.   Our driving force is less debt and more financial freedom.  Our purpose is to have the freedom to take opportunities as they come and make decision based on our highest values, and thereby generate a greater abundance.  This is our life of plenty.       
  • Volunteered at school.
  • After-school “present” party without the gifts – let the children show their Friday folders of work, hang-out and decompress.
  • Cooked dinner together, and enjoyed affirmations and conversation.
  • Played charades as a family – now that is belly laughing fun to see dad acting out caterpillar and a four-year old acting out eraser. 
  • Reading, prayers & kisses.

Yesterday is History.  Tomorrow is Mystery.  Today is a Gift.  That’s why we call it the Present. – Author Unknown

I can’t say all my days are one hundred percent Big Rocks, no little rocks – that’s what made this one noteworthy.  However,  I find effectiveness begets effectiveness.  So the more time I spend on my important and non-urgent matters, the more time I have for my important and non-urgent matters.  Conscious living allows more of each day to be in the present, to be with the important, to live on purpose. 

Cultivating Presence and Purpose,


♣  Conscious living is my “awareness with action” effectiveness tool.  Yours to borrow, copy, or share.

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