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BOTH freedom of choice AND pro-life | a life of plenty

Are you true to yourself?  Do you honor your intentions in all aspects of your life?  Do you lead with your highest values in your family, social, and spiritual life?  Do you choose love in all the small and ordinary ways?

Sometimes we don’t see the freedom of choice in the little things, so I thought I would use a big one to make the point, and you can apply it to the small ones.  Since we just had the March for Life in Washington D.C., I thought abortion would be a good topic, fresh in our minds.

Abortion is one of those topics that it is easy to be against.  In fact, it is easy to be against and not even know truly why we are against it.  I mean killing is wrong, right?  Thou shall not kill made it to the Ten Commandments.  Well, so did thou shall not steal, covet, bear false witness…hum?  Before you get all hot and bothered, and click off…read on, if you dare to challenge your authenticity.

My point is not to discuss the politics of abortion; the point is to live our values in everything we do.  If you are pro-life, be for life in everything you do, beginning with your life.  It is the separation of the individual into fragmented parts that has manifested into a separated and fragmented society.  If we as the collective group of humanity raise our consciousness and choose love not fear, abortion is a mute point.

Work from your source of love, not fear.  You don’t have to be against freedom of choice to be for life.  Philosophically speaking, we could end abortion and we choose not to.  If we work from our source of love, we could feed the hungry, insure the indigent, shelter the homeless, employ the people, and end abortion. If those with the means raised their consciousness to the level they are preaching to those with less means, there would be no abortion.   It is the abundance versus scarcity mentality of our collective conscious.  (Okay, that’s a whole new post, for another day).  The point is we can have both-and:  both the freedom of choice and pro-life.        

Life is the sum of our choices.  Freedom of choice is Pro-Life.

So, let’s apply this to the little things in life that make us real and genuine, and lead an authentic life.  How can we be true to ourselves, live to our highest values, love with our whole-heart, and make a difference in the lives of our children? 

  1. Do both what you love and love what you do.  This is the litmus test of being true to oneself.  In turn, you inherently give permission to your children to do what they love and love what they do.  You have the freedom to choose, and this is the ultimate statement of pro-life.    
  2. Live both in the now and have a clear vision for the future.  This is when you know you are living in the flow.  Living in the present, without the regrets of yesterday or the worries of tomorrow, is your choice to make in every moment and the only place of pro-life. 
  3.  Live both simply and abundantly.  The power of less credits the freedom from stuff with the joy of being.  Living simply and abundantly is consciously choosing to weed out the unimportant, so the garden can grow.  It is the freedom of choice and pro-life.

The risk of not being authentic is to risk emotional insignificance and a life without purpose.  Choose love in the small things, and love will choose you in the big things.  This is a life of abundance.  Live your truth for you and role model your truth for your children, and they will know both love and abundance.

Cultivating both Love & Abundance,


♣  Why be either-or when you can be both-and?  What areas of your life could you be both-and, and bring alignment to your whole person with your highest values?

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