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It’s a Journey, Not a Race

Reviewing my journal, I realize how far I have come. I thought I would share this exerpt with you as a follow-up to Peaceful Bedtime | Purposeful Life.  I am here to offer you hope and inspiration.  If you find yourself running the rat race, you can choose a new course.  You can have peace and happiness without doing it all, buying it all, and consuming it all.  It only takes small incremental changes today to make a significant difference in tomorrow.

It’s a Journey, Not a Race (5/3/10):

Such was the tag line for the bike ride I rode on Saturday.  As it is said, we will find exactly what we are looking for, and it was exactly what I was looking for.  Twenty-five miles of peaceful, country-side to contemplate the meaning and significance of “It’s a Journey, Not a Race.” 

Our ride took us through Femme Osage, which is a town set in time, resembling my interpretation of Little House on the Prairie, with the wooden bridge, little church, Femme Osage Emporium, and Grimes Antiques.  Note to self: plan date to take my girls.

This was the Saturday following a “crazy” (by my standards) week. One night woke at 3:00 with anxiety, another at 4:00, typing emails with children on my lap, drying uniforms at 7:30 am.  The week was busy, fast-paced, and spiraled to an all time low by Friday.  We left for school with the beds unmade, dishes in the sink, and no coffee.  To those of whom can do this, no ill-will.  But for me, it is an ultimate sign of imbalance and disharmony within.

Back to the ride…I did not fully commit to the ride until I woke on Saturday morning and saw it was not raining, and I was in the right frame of mind – I was patient, present, and purposeful.  And because I was patient, present, and purposeful, the experience transcended from a race to a journey. 

I thought about my values, my priorities, and the week I had just had…and I was overcome with gratitude. In the big scheme of things, nothing I had fretted over was important. In a year, or probably a month, I will not even recall the issues that I lost sleep over. So, I continued for several miles mentally giving thanks for the joy and happiness in my life.  And I made my flight plan for the next week. 

Yes, there are miles to travel, and I’m making sure to only include those matters which are important and stand the test of time.  If it will not matter tomorrow, I need not fret it today.  It really is the only way to travel with the endurance for a journey, and not break down in a single race.

Cultivating Patience & Presence,


♣  Could your family benefit from your patience and presence?  What craziness could you eliminate today to allow more patience, presence, and purpose into your life?

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