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Peaceful Bedtime |Purposeful Life

Ending my day, surrounded in love and peace, is a day lived with purpose.  Creating a purposeful day, every day, is a life lived with purpose.   Weaving our highest values into the fabric of our days creates a beautiful tapestry of our lives.     

For me, this means I begin and end every day with love and peace.   I have named my morning routine, Blisscipline – time with my self, reviewing my Weekly Compass, writing any random thoughts that have surfaced, and yoga.  Beginning my day with Blisscipline is my way to begin my day with my best self.   

Moments of mindfulness planted intermittently throughout the day, is a reminder to check the coordinates on my map.  For me, this is lunch on the deck, affirmations at dinner, detaching from any material possession, giving kindness to a stranger, and noticing the gleam in my son’s eyes.   If I have veered off target through my day, moments of mindfulness are a quick course correct.        

Ending my day with my family- reading, meditation, and prayer, is a purposeful way to end my day.  Bedtime is peaceful, on purpose.  We create the ambiance with dim lights, comfy pajamas, an inspirational family reading, meditation and prayers.  From there, we read to the children and fall asleep quickly and deeply.  Our hearts know love, our minds peace, and our home is heaven on earth for our family. 

No matter what has happened through the day, any blurbs and blunders are washed away in our nightly sea of serenity.  Because, sometimes those unconscious default settings just creep up – those fears we are moving away from.  As I become more conscious of my defaults, I have learned to avoid my triggers and reset more quickly.  Maintaining my highest self is my best prevention measure. 

All the love and peace are within my garden, and it simply requires daily weeding to keep out the unwanted stuff and allow the good to grow.            

Here are a few simple practices to weave our highest values into the fabric of daily life:

  1. Begin and end with our highest self.  Create your own opening and closing rituals that align you for the day.
  2. Plan moments of mindfulness into every day.  These are moments of reconnection to the present.  They can be as simple as eating an orange or making a cup of tea, mindfully. 
  3. Maintain our best self to prevent the unconscious default settings.  At all times, we operate from love or fear.  Anger, anxiety, worry, resentment, jealousy all have fear at the source.  When we are at our best, we operate from our source of love.
  4. Avoid detours that lead off course.  Detours come in many shapes and sizes, disguises and masquerades.  My greatest pot hole is stuff – too much of it.  Stuff to clean, stuff to manage, stuff to organize, stuff to do, to do, to do.  I am moving towards less to-do and more to-be.             
  5. Course correct often.   Keep an eye on True North.  True North for me is living a simplified life where first things are first.  When I feel tension and pain, I need an adjustment.       

Plant one seed of your highest value today, and study its growth chart– the changes it brings, the beauty it weaves into your tapestry.  Consider that changing the trajectory of your compass only one degree can be the first step on a new path, alter the journey, and change your destiny. 

Planting one seed today, is the beginning of a whole new harvest.

Children can sense and often respond negatively to the incongruencies in our life.  When we align with our highest values, they respond positively and the whole family knows peace and harmony.   Children want to be centered and grounded, and one with life.  Life does not have to be a juggling act.  Life is in balance when we are true to our highest values. 

Cultivating Love & Peace,


♣  What are your highest values?  Consider how you could weave them into the simple and ordinary fabrics of your day, every day, and create the beautiful tapestry of a purposeful life.

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