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Living Trust

Nothing will focus you on the important matters of life faster than writing your Living Trust & Will and Advance Health Care Directive.  Writing a last will and health directive now, before it is needed, is an act of conscious parenting.  It is awareness with action.  A last will and health directive may be the ultimate task of Quadrant 2 in the risk-benefit matrix.

Let me disclose how difficult writing a last will can be:  We had weighed the risk-benefits for our family and recognized it to be a high risk to not have and a great benefit to our children to have, AND it took 3 years to complete.  It took so long because it was raising our consciousness greater than we could absorb, and we let the fear of doing it win over the peace of doing it.    

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than then risk it took to blossom.  ~Anais Nin

Since I just made it to the other side of this tunnel, I thought I would share with you what I believe were the two greatest boulders to move in order for me to see the light.  I hope my hindsight will give you better foresight, and the clarity of mind and heart to make the big decisions.

  1. Fear.  I tried calling not doing it procrastination.  (We’ll get to it soon.  We should do that.  Etc.).  The truth is I was afraid to face the big decisions:  fear of mortality, fear of making the wrong decision, fear of the unknown.  When I called it by its real name, fear, it was the first step in making it happen.  Fear can be debilitating; it takes courage to overcome.  It requires conscious parenting, awareness with action.    
  2. Good versus Good.  The second thing blocking me was everything good.  I could not choose between good and good because I did not have my values in rank order.  With this one simple step, big decisions were still big and obviously clear.

Should you have the courage to weigh it out for your family, trust yourself.  Only you know what is best for your family.  Do not go ask your unconscious friends for permission to not do it – of course unless that is what you want.  Funny how life works – we do always receive exactly what we are truly looking for.  If you do it or do not do it, make it a mindful decision in the best interest of your family. 

If this is a whole new way of thinking for you, awareness of your mortality may conjure up a slew of reasons why it isn’t necessary and why you don’t need it yet.  Consider for a moment, that these are the exact reasons to do it now, when it is important and not urgent.  The risk to not do it is high; the benefits are great. 

Should my physical life here on this earth come to an early demise, I know that I have planned for the preservation of my children’s health, education, and well-being.  And in the present, my family is the great benefactor:  I have triumphed over fear and I have rank ordered my values.  This is one giant step from good to great parenting.

Cultivating Peace & Prosperity,


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