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Minecraft | a dyslexic world

Having a child with dyslexia and an intention to cater to his strengths and to find alternative correction, has lead me to things I never considered before. Minecraft is one.

This article helps me understand the draw of Minecraft for certain kids. I was already on to the fact that dyslexics are drawn to it; I just wasn’t sure what it served for them.

Consider [Minecraft] like projects that ask students to use the knowledge they’ve obtained, to grasp the subject matter with such proficiency that they’re able to play with it.

The tie together is their way of thinking – dyslexics think big picture and they are holistic learners. They may have difficulty in any one subject, and have an interdisciplinary stroke of genius. Minecraft breaks the boundaries between individual subjects like math, science, and history and allows the player to pull from each and integrate into his own world, literally. This is why I am willing to offer Minecraft at camp this summer and hopefully as a school club next fall…I can’t wait to see the strokes of genius.

Some think it is humorous that I have never played Minecraft and I am willing to sponsor it. But honestly, it isn’t about me. And it isn’t actually about Minecraft, although I won’t tell the kids that. I see Minecraft as a means not an end, a process not a product. I am not teaching Minecraft; I am facilitating creativity and collaboration. And when I put it like that, it is exactly what I would want for my son.