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Asset protection for your child’s health

Consider for a moment that your child’s health is his greatest asset.  Health in this context is a holistic word of wellness and well-being of the whole individual – physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Making conscious parenting choices to maintain the best health possible is an investment in a life of well-being and prosperity.

Creating healthy habits early on in your child’s life is the easiest deposit to make and profits the greatest rate of return.  The purpose of this post is to offer a new perspective and raise our consciousness of the role we play in our child’s health, and not to promote specific habits.  I am offering a new way to think about the cost-benefits of choices regarding our family’s health and well-being. 

This is a Risk versus Cost-Benefit Matrix created to help make decision making a little easier.  It is important to note the cost-benefit is a measure of the cost or the benefit.  We can either stop a bad habit because the cost is high or create a healthy habit where the benefit is great.  I believe it is fair to say we are always working to avoid pain and gain pleasure; we sometimes just get lost in the whirlwind of life and need a means to discern our investment options.


Quadrant 1:  These are matters of high risk and high cost or great benefit.  These are family necessities, and often crises.  These are urgent and important matters that must be addressed at whatever cost.             

Quadrant 2:  These matters are of high risk and low cost or great benefit.  These are the important and non-urgent.   This is the Quadrant that we want to invest in.  Quadrant 2 is effective management and leverage of our resources for the protection and prosperity of our assets.  Unattended or expired Quadrant 2 matters become Quadrant 1 matters, at a greater cost.  Consider what you could do for your family in Quadrant 2 to prevent a Quadrant 1 crisis.        

Quadrant 3:  These are matters of low risk and high cost or low benefit.  They are the non-important things that we allow to become urgent in our life.  Often they are other people’s issues that we bring into our family.  It is that mindless chatter of seemingly concerned friends and family.  All the shoulding in our life:  Should I do this?  I should have done that.  This “stuff” is a great liability to you and your family.  Other people’s business can take a major withdrawal on your family life and those matters which are most important.  Quadrant 3 often wears a disguise of kindness and helpfulness.     

Quadrant 4:  These matters are of low risk and low cost and low benefit.  They are non-important and non-urgent, and can consume our time and money very quickly.   It is the crossing of the invisible line into the land of waste and excess.  Living in Quadrant 4 can bankrupt your family’s emotional and financial bank accounts.    
Disclaimer: Only you can determine the lines between your quadrants. What is low risk for one family, may be high risk for another family.  And likewise a cost to one family may be a great benefit to another.   Every family is unique, and decision-making must be made with your family in mind.

You know when you are optimizing health – it is where you feel the best, where the family is at its best.  There is no pain in the family, literally and spiritually.  There is no gap between the physical, social/emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the family.  The best measure of a successful asset protection is the state of well-being:  the balance, order, harmony, and peace in the individuals and among the family.

Cultivating health & well-being,


♣  This is part of conscious parenting and taking responsibility for future prosperity.  Consider what healthy habits you could plant to cultivate health and reap the dividends for a life of well-being.

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