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Living Insights

Last week I took a field trip.  Six friends piled in my van and set out on a journey, destination unknown.  We knew the physical address but we had no concept of the realm we would journey to.

Living Insights Center is a temple of world religions, only two of its kind in the world.  It was initially created from the inheritance of one man after his mother’s passing as a center for healing.  Jack had no idea what he was getting himself into, and was open to his calling.  The center has grown into a unique place of prayer, meditation, worship, education, and healing.

Jack’s story is intriguing and his disposition is warm and welcoming to all who enter.   His life reminds me of The Monk who Sold His Ferrari.  An executive attorney for one of the nation’s top hospitals, he had achieved it all – big house, big cars, big suits, accompanied by big ego and big blood pressure.  His mother’s sickness and eventual death was a pivotal turning point in his life.  One that led him to leave his career and life as he knew it and to pursue the calling to help others find healing.

We had made an appointment for a private tour, so Jack was expecting us.  I had told him we were 6 moms are the path.

We enter the warm breeze-way and take off our shoes.  Jack greets us at the door with a hug.  Jack gives a guided tour with heart-warming stories and recounts miracles experienced by guests during and after their visit to the center.

Sitting at the St. Theresa shine, I experience my own mysticism.  As I look into St. Theresa’s eyes, she tells me to offer to be a surrogate for my friend who has been dealing with infertility for five years.  I look away, trying to break her gaze.  St. Theresa speaks to me again, and I rebuttal, asking if she is asking me to bring my friend to her.  Jack finished his talk and we leave the room, and I know I am to tell my friend about this experience.

That afternoon I speak with my friend, and recount the story to her.  I don’t know what the message is, and she doesn’t know what to do with the message.  She immediately calls her mom for support.  Through tears and amazement, her mom says, “I have been praying to St. Theresa every day for five years to give you a baby or peace of mind.”

“Mom, what am I suppose to do?” asks my friend.  “Pray, pray for a sign and you will know what you are to do,” she replies.

The next morning, I wake at 5 o’clock after a peaceful night of rest.  My first stream of consciousness is a sense of knowing.  The message for my friend is not about whether to choose a baby or not, but whether to choose peace of mind, or not.  So that’s it, she can walk away from this opportunity and not blame God and not hold back on living life to its fullest without regrets and what-ifs.

My friend let the tears of joy run down her face.  She had chosen peace of mind.

What is my message today?  Will I choose peace of mind?

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