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My Happiness Project

Inspired by The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and Good Life Project by Jonathan Fields, I am focusing on one small act or intention that I would like to amplify in my life.  After contemplating this, and borrowing their words, I realized I already have a Happiness Project and Good Life Project, and I have coined it A Life of Plenty.  Now to just define it more clearly to myself.  This is my effort.

A note to readers:  This is a dynamic posting and will be edited to reflect my monthly intentions.

January 2012 |emptiness

“Miracles are habits.  Miracles are thoughts.  Miracles are healing.  Each day should be devoted to miracles.” ~ A Course in Miracles

I decided to begin the year with some cleansing of the mind and body.  To get rid of the old and make room for the new – perspective that is.  I don’t know where this path will lead or what next month and the year behold.  And, I am allowing and accepting the miracles as they present.

My goal for 2012 is to find joy and peace through the ordinary miracles of my life.  And to be filled with gratitude for all I am.

These are my action steps for aligning my mind and body this month:

  1. 21 day detox
  2. Marathon training
  3. Daily reading – A Course in Miracles
  4. Yoga 2x/week
  5. Weekly Study Group – Diamond Sutra
  6. Weekly Writing Group
  7. Weekly Massage

Monthly Reading:  Cutting for Stone, Advanced Energy Anatomy, The Diamond that Cuts through Illusion

My Roles:  Personal, Parent, Partner, Professional,People, Prosperity

My Projects:  Race to Nowhere, Smart Green Home, Emily’s Birthday, Summer Schedule

My Rules:  Respect-Kindness-Responsibility-LovingSpeech-Healthy Diet

January in review. January was a month of cleanse and renewal, a time to get rid of old and make room for new – a new year, new thoughts, a new me.  I spent a lot of time in meditation and just being.  It did not look exactly as I thought it would, and I found everything I needed to lead me to the next step.  The writing class I registered for was canceled, but it is available in March.  I changed my thinking about the marathon.  During a beautiful, sunny 6 mile run, I decided I don’t need a marathon right now.  This was all I need.  There have been times when I needed the training and the marathon, and I am happy to accept that right now I don’t.  It was merely an expectation I put on myself.  I find energy and clarity when I run, and training has given me a discipline to my practice.  A Course in Miracles and The Diamond that Cuts Through Illusion are life changing studies.  I am continuing them through February.

February 2012 | return to love

Action Steps:

  1. Daily Reading – A Course in Miracles
  2. Weekly Study Group – 7thHabit, 8th Habit, or Diamond Sutra
  3. 4 Magnificent Dates – hubby and each of my children
  4. 21- day Meditation Challenge

Monthly Reading:  A Return to Love, Uncertainty:  Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance

My Projects:  Smart Green Home – Tiny Buddha blog entry – Living Win-Win (7 Habits Group) & You Can Heal Your Life (Drug Court)

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