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A Virtual Christmas Card | my yearend reflection

Greetings!  I decided to write my yearend reflection today – my 38th birthday.  This is one of the most meaningful traditions I do for myself.  And I share it with you.  It is easy to get lost in the day to day hairballs of life and forget how blessed we are, and how much we have each grown in a relatively short time.

As I sit in my new home, gazing into the mad lake and white sky, I reflect on a beautifully awesome year of life, love, and adventure.

Emily (8) is playing the piano and riding horses, and completed 2 triathlons.  She draws and writes fantasy short stories at every opportunity.  Of course, they are top secret; every once in a while I get a sneak peak at her latest plot.   Emily is so like me in personality, and it can be difficult at times to live with myself mirroring at me – I try to honor that and give her space.  She too, has found a superhero in her dad.

Anna (7) is still all about horses, and dogs and cats and monkeys too.  She enjoys singing and storytelling.  Anna’s latest claim to fame is surfing behind the boat.  She has a unique talent of observing idiosyncrasies – a particular walk, a lisp, a hand gesture does not go unnoticed.  Anna is confident in her skin, and her 2 favorite skirts, and ever my cuddle bug (at least for now).

Henry (5) has developed a great interest in hunting, and received his first lessons on the bow and arrow and BB gun.  This is all to the chagrin of Emily who declared to him, “I don’t believe in killing, even a mosquito!”  Henry has dimples and knows how to use them.  He appreciates pink and beauty, and can clean his own catch.  I’m not sure who taught him to be such a charmer and a romantic.

This year we skied Loveland, traveled to Costa Rica, and spent 3 weeks in Colorado.  It is very likely our children will be out-skiing us within a few years.  Emily skied her first black diamond, and Anna and Henry retired the edgy wedgy and successful navigate most blue slopes.  Spying monkeys, hunting crocodiles, mud bathing in volcanic ash, and zip lining through the rainforest were a few of the highlights of Costa Rica.

Three weeks in Colorado was a “control-alt-delete” – a reboot for the body, mind, and spirit.  We all came home with a greater presence and purpose.  For me personally, it set the intention for our big, little move and allowed me to move forward with the sale of our home and most of our possessions.  We are officially in Steve’s parent’s basement, and completely content after only one week.  I believe it is true for all of us.  Our first night, Emily declared it, “A Thanksgiving present.”

Steve is still trying to keep it under control at etrailer (I suppose that’s why he is titled “Controller”), maintain record growth and survive an IRS audit, while creating a sustainable eco-friendly home for us in Wright City.

The apartments are running smoothly and Emily’s business idea is coming to fruition with a Creative Space opening soon at The Saum  – this is a shared studio for artists of all kinds.

I am volunteering where I can be of service – school, YMCA, and Drug Court.  I continue to practice writing, biking, and running as much as possible.  Tomorrow, I plan to write my 2012 Resolutions, which will likely include more ways to Think Big and Live More with Less.

We are spending this Christmas in Naples, away from a commercialized version of gift giving and hopefully a lot more “presence” like books, bikes, and beach.  We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday spirit of asking and allowing the Love and Light of Jesus to shine through each of us.

Love & Peace  ~From our Home to Yours,

Michelle & Family

My Child's Gardener Badge


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