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How are you today | a check-in with myself

Recently, someone asked how it has been for me, since returning from the Mindfulness Retreat.  Have I been able to maintain mindfulness in my daily life?  I decided to check-in with myself for a 60-day review.

Some days are easier than others.  Some days I rock it, and some days I just rock the boat.  It is probably more appropriate to measure mindfulness in moments, not days.

It isn’t that I am mindful at every moment.  And, the moment I recognize that I am not mindful, is mindfulness.  I blow it often.  And then I course correct. Aware of my forgetfulness, I forgive myself and return to mindfulness.

My two greatest roadblocks are judgement and uncertainty.  As I just wrote these words, I realize judgement and uncertainty are the past and the future, respectively.  Is not judgement recalling the past, and uncertainty, fear of the future?  Perhaps past and future are the universal roadblocks, they just manifest uniquely in each of us.

While we seldom look to get lost, get off course and not know, it is often our times of uncertainty that bring us closer to our reason for living.  A Life Entrepreneur is not afraid of uncertainty or attached, frozen in time, to the past.  Only in change is growth available.  A Life Entrepreneur seeks opportunities of growth.

Sometimes I ask myself, “What do you have against yourself today?”  And remind myself that discontent is always an illusion of perception.  A Life Entrepreneur knows that growth opportunities lie in the fears.  This is true in life and in business.  We must lean into our fears and trust our purpose will keep us grounded, and create the blossoms of life.

Peace is available for the choosing in every step; Love is only available in the present.

I have returned to real life, and I can get caught up in the doing ~ I want to build our new house.  Grow our real estate portfolio.  Write a book.  Create a middle school.  Climb Kilimanjaro.  And I will, if I am mindful of every step and choose the right path – the latent one without judgements and fears.   Peace is Every Step.

Mindfulness is a state of mind and a lifestyle.  Today, I am present with life.  I am enjoying the simple pleasure of moments of mindfulness:

  • A walk in the crisp autumn air with the sunshine on my face.
  • Lunch with my hubby.
  • Vegetable cutting.
  • Art Night with the family.

On a practical note, mindfulness gives me a greater sensitivity to when I am off course – when things are over-scheduled or I am out of balance.  I have made it a habit to schedule my moments of mindfulness, my family time, and my daily blisscipline.  And as a general rule of thumb, I do not allow myself more than 5 projects at one time.  (If that is enough for Warren Buffett, I think it is a reasonable measure).

My intention with my life is not to be so busy, that I miss the miracles all around me.  And, to be mindful of my future, that every choice in the present moves me one step closer.

When the current is too fast and the waves too high,

go with the flow;

follow the path of least resistance.

Instead of drowning in the sea of uncertainty,

may I see that it is here to teach me to swim.

Peace is Every Step,


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