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How does dough become bread?

"How does this become bread?"

Building character is like baking bread. The question is not what flour is or what dough is. The real question is how does flour become dough, and dough become bread.  This analogy offers me a moment to reflect on my parenting and my life.

In general terms, I know the ingredients needed to make character, and yet just like knowing the right ingredients alone does not make the best bread, neither does just knowing the right ingredients make the best life.

Aren’t we all looking for the perfect recipe, the elixir of life, that which transforms our suffering into joy, our darkness into light, our dough into bread?

Ingredients as they are – each purposeful and good in their own right, and in the wrong amount or wrong order can spoil the bread. Is it possible to add too much sugar or bake too hot in an effort to get done quicker? I think so.

For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man’s hunger.” ~ Khalil Gibran

• Can we skip workouts on the training schedule and expect the same results as if we completed all the workouts?
• Can we give too much discipline and expect self-disciplined children?
• Can we over-indulge our children and not expect them to grow into over-indulgent adults?
• Can we lie to our friends and expect our children to trust us?
• Can we cheat the time clock, or the stopwatch, and expect to be a winner at life?

All of these examples demonstrate why we must live mindfully. Why we must be intentional with all our thoughts and behaviors. The unintended consequences of our unconscious behaviors can lead us on a path of unintentional living. Asleep at the wheel will surely cause a crash, or at the least, arrival at the wrong destination.

And so I practice, until I become bread.


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