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Guideposts for our New Home | local sustainable natural

"It's not hard, when you know what you want."

This week I set a goal to pick-out all building materials for our big, little move.  In three hours, I chose all the building materials for our new home.

I saw my friend before and then again after the expedition.  She inquired if my mission was complete.  When I said, “It is, and surprising effortlessly.”  She replied, “It’s not hard, when you know what you want.”  How true and real her words are.

How do I know what I want? These are my criteria:

  • Local
  • Sustainable
  • Natural

While it narrowed my selection dramatically; it paradoxically made my decisions easier and more natural, literally.  It is starting to come together, beautifully and naturally.  I am so looking forward to Missouri hickory floors, Missouri sandstone, countertops made of rock and lava, and carpet made of recyclables.  How cool is that!

You don’t have to build a new house for mindful living. Where we spend our money every day is the reflection of our life perspective.  We make decisions every day that affect the preservation of our resources and the sustainability of our earth.  This is pro-life.

  • What we eat.
  • Where we shop.
  • What we buy.

For a future to be possible, we must live mindfully.  Our future and our children’s futures are dependent on how we choose to spend our money today.  Awareness is no longer optional.  We must open our eyes to the unintended consequences of our materialistic consumerism and begin to live mindfully.  “This because of that” is the true nature of the interconnectedness of all life.  The future is within every dollar we spend.

This is my contemplation as I proceed through this home building process and consciously choose how I spend my money on a daily basis:

“What ways am I sustaining materialistic consumerism?”

“What are the unintended consequences of my mindless spending?”

Every dollar is a vote for how suppliers purchase.  “What am I voting for?”

I have a long way to go and these are my guideposts:  Local, Sustainable, Natural.  More mindful today than yesterday, and tomorrow more than today.  This is my path, and a simple one at that.

If you agree and what to know what you can do to make a difference today, check out the movie FOOD, Inc.  It is a great place to begin a diet for mindful living.


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