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How much is your bucket list worth?

While it has become vogue and cliché now, the purpose of the bucket list stands the test of time.  A lot of people have dreams of great adventures to accomplish before kicking the bucket.  Like dreams, that is where they begin and end, vanquishing in the daylight.  If you do not write your goals, they are merely dreams and do not exist by morning.  Choose instead to reverberate and manifest your dreams.  I believe the bucket list is the simplest way to commit your dreams and goals to paper.  The idea of a bucket list is to write your goals, dreams, visions, whatever word of choice you prefer.  I call mine my Life Plan.   

I recently read that in a survey of Harvard graduates, only 3 percent write their goals and those 3% were worth 10x greater than the 97% who didn’t write their goals.  I am not suggesting that our goals be primarily monetary.  I am suggesting, however, that if we created a measuring scale for happiness and fulfillment, the results would be equally significant.  Writing your goals is a pre-requisite to manifestation.   For a small investment of time and cultivation, the stock is reaping great dividends.

I would like to extrapolate that the most successful families also have a shared purpose and goals.   Some of the most professionally successful people have not yet applied their business principles to family planning – mission, goals, legacy, and preservation.  Without purpose or direction, their family lives are flailing in the wind.  Consider the impact of giving the family the same effort and planning one gives to personal and/or professional life.  The flip-side has an apparent disadvantage.  If you let your family just be a sideline, it will be nothing more.  You will wake unhappy and living with strangers. 

We as individuals are in perpetual growth, thus a group of individuals called a family is changing at a even greater pace than its members.  We can either be harvesting for the same feast or struggling through, one famine to the next. 

A tree is known by its fruit – cultivate it with consciousness, and there will be fruit for all.  – My Child’s Gardener:  a life of plenty

What I am suggesting is that the family can create a spiral of awesomeness whereby it is growing at an exponential of the individuals.  The key is purpose and goals.  Unbridled and without intention and purpose, you may be spiraling also – in five different directions and out of control.    

Have a family meeting and discuss what you would like to accomplish as a family this year.  It will give direction and focus to the new year.  Make the family part of your growth and bliss, and you will grow together not apart.  Create a Family Bucket List this weekend, it could be the best investment of the year. 

Follow this simple plan to grow your seeds of wishes and dreams to fruition for your family: 

5-Step Gardening Plan from Seed to Fruition:  Manifesting your dreams

  1. Plant your seeds (dreams, intentions, wishes, desires).
  2. Write them and watch them take root (mission, goals, roles, tasks).
  3. Offer daily natural gardening and conscious parenting (acceptance, freedom, self-discipline, love, kindness).
  4. Harvest  – enjoy the fruits of your labor and a life of plenty.
  5. Repeat.

Warning:  If you choose to skip Step 2, you will spend all your time and effort in Step 3, only to not harvest the full potential of your crop. 

How much is your bucket list worth to you and your family?

Cultivating Love & Peace,


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