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Shifting Gears | MS Ride

Last year when I began my training for the Branson Ironman, a wise friend said to me, “The only thing keeping you from doing an Ironman tomorrow is your mind.  Right now your mind is stronger than your body.  You won’t because you think you can’t.”  I thought it was a wine-induced gest of genius and left it at that…so I thought.

“You won’t because you think you can’t.” ~ Jeff Powell

Fast forward a year.  (If we don’t learn a lesson the first time, we always get another chance).  This year, training for the MS Ride, I intentionally trained my mind and body as one ~ more mindfulness, greater concentration, connecting my mind and body as one when I am biking (swimming and running).  Think, yoga on bike. 

Body and Mind are One.  No matter how many miles I put on the bike or how many push-ups I do in the gym, I am only as strong as I think I am. 

When I maintain the mind-body connection, I achieve any goal.  It is the notion of separateness that hurts me every time.  I can look back at my past events, and I know the ones I was present for.  And I certainly know the ones where I lost my chi.  When the mind falters, the body too.  They are one, and cannot be separated. 

When the wind stops blowing, there is no wind.

The wind is not separate from the blowing.

The  wind is the blowing.

When the rain stops falling, there is no rain.

The rain is not separate from the falling.

The rain is the falling.

I am the cycling.

Cheers to Shifting Gears…on the bike and in life,


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