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Loneliness | a meditation on the human spirit

Grand Lake, Colorado

Loneliness is not about being alone.  Yet, we tend to use these words simultaneously and have self-imposed fear of being alone because we don’t want to experience loneliness.

Why are we afraid to be alone?  Our ego keeps us busy in hopes that it won’t be found out.  Busy worrying, busy going, busy doing.  “Busy” creating conditions of happiness for the future.

It is actually being alone that we gain insight into our true Spirit.  When the ego keeps us busy, it holds the Spirit at bay.

It is the breech of relationship with our Spirit that causes the human suffering called loneliness.  Loneliness is caused from not knowing one’s self, not from not knowing others.

Here I sit; I am alone and not lonely.  It is possible to be happy now, in the present moment, without conditions of the future.    I am enough.  I have a life of plenty.  I contain the the earth, the clouds, the sun.  All the cosmos is within.  How could I be lonely?

I vow to give myself alone time, often and frequently, to reconnect with my Spirit and know happiness.

Peace & Happiness to you,


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