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A Call for Love | are you available?

A Bell You Shall Be | a meditation for parents is my most popular post to date.  This is interesting on several fronts, and most especially because it is closest to my heart and it is profoundly simple.  It is not some great intellectual piece, it has zero research to substantiate it, and carries a message that every conscious parent is trying to hear.  Here’s an invitation to you to capture the essence and expand on the premise of A Bell You Shall Be

Children act in one of two ways:

  1. From Love or
  2. A Call for Love

(It is fair to say we ALL act in one of two ways:  From Love or A Call for Love).

Regardless of the action, there is only one authentic and unconditional way to respond:

  • From Love, we answer with Love.
  • As a Call for Love, we answer with Love.

Unfortunately, we are often too busy to notice, too busy to take the call for help, and we respond with our own fear.  This is our judgments and comparisons, our anger and resentments, and our jealousies, usually disguised in the form of achieving, accumulating, conforming, and competing.  Often, even our best intentions to teach a lesson are not our lessons to teach. 

I believe the only lesson we are divinely asked to teach is unconditional love – understanding, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness.  Everything else is probably just our ego and fear disguised into some socially accepted form of control.   

What a tragedy of misperception.  Fear as the source of energy can only lead to further destruction.  Fear can never sufficiently answer A Call for Love.

This is my 3-part contemplation today.  Maybe it is yours too, and we can be accountability partners for conscious parenting and mindful living.   These questions are for you to answer in your own way.  Yours won’t look the same as mine, and so there is no need to compare.  When you are still and open, you will know how love would respond.

How can I clean the chatter in my mind – my notions of superiority, my notions of inferiority, and my notions of equality – so that I can hear A Call for Love?

How can I clear the clutter in my life – my possessions, my responsibilities, and my obligations – so that I am available for A Call for Love?

How would Love respond?

My purpose for today is to fear less, so I can love more.

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