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A Pedal of Insight – musings from my bike

Last night I saw the trees, this morning I see the forest.

I am constantly awed and amazed at the scenery along my bike rides. I love to see how others live and create their own peace within the whole.

I can’t always understand the discrepancies in life circumstances. And probably more notable is the discrepancies in peoples’ perspectives. I must constantly ask myself from what vantage point am I choosing to see my circumstances.

It doesn’t matter what kind of trees we have (ex-wifes, bonus children, controlling partners, dead-end jobs, money woes), they can keep us from seeing the abundant forest before our eyes.  It is a resistance to accept the as-is-ness of our lives and the neutrality of our environment.  We each deal with the same issues just disguised in different circumstances. We choose the meaning and significance of our circumstances, and thus our lives.

It is our interpretation and intention that makes them evergreen, or spreads disease as fast as the pine beetle.

From what vantage point do you see life?

It is moments like these – climbing slowly up the mountain – that I understand we are All looking for the same thing on this journey called life.

  1. I am alive.
  2. My life matters.
  3. I have intention and serve a purpose.

May your path be paved with love and peace; May you know what matters; May you offer your intention to others.

A life of plenty,


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