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The Joy of the Right Brain

The more I experience life, the more I realize true living, my being resides in my right brain; most of my doing occurs in my left brain.  Because I prefer being over doing, I am exercising and training my right brain.  I believe our happiness and bliss lies in our right brain, so I schedule right brain activities for myself and my children daily. This is conscious parenting, and gardening with intention and purpose.     

For a quick review of the left brain versus right brain:  Left is logical, analytical, detail and rule orientated, practical, and plays it safe; Right is risk-taker, believes and appreciates, uses feelings, presents possibilities, sees spatially and spiritually.

As I simplify life, creating more and consuming less, I have purposefully increased right brain activities.  I begin every day with this intention I call blisscipline:  a moment with no destination, creating space for the new, and opening my mind and heart to love, peace, and abundance. 

These are some of the ways I engage my right brain:  I practice yoga, meditation, run, spin, or bike ride.  I wear my favorite jewelry like my turquoise or humanity bracelet, or my tree pendant.  I listen to Amso Lee and Jack Johnson and the like on Coffeehouse Pandora station.  I may drink a soy latte, hot tea, or iced water.  I cook, clean, read or write.  I enjoy eating lunch while staring out at the lake, meandering around the lake in my kayak, wearing my softest sweater.  It’s any moment with no destination and I go exactly where I am to be. 

During and after the engagement of my right brain, I can handle family matters and solve business dilemmas that previously seemed insurmountable.  Some of my biggest life decisions have been made on a run or watching a sunrise.  Some have questioned how I can make a decision in a blink, and I believe it is because I have trained by right brain and I trust it.  The right brain has extreme creativity, concentration and focus, and remains relatively dormant or submissive to the left brain, unless practiced and trained to engage. 

“Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.” – Roger Levin

I believe one of the healthiest things you can do for a relationship is encourage or engage in right brain activities together.  Practicing yoga or meditation together is a spiritual experience, sweating and struggling in a workout or run can be a bonding experience, wandering on a hike reminds us we are one with nature.  As a couple and as a family, we are making a conscious effort to do more right brain activities. 

I consider my home an open invitation to my children’s right brain.  I create a simple and orderly environment.  I offer Wordpad (with spell check off), writing tablet, paper, scissors, glue, and paint.  Yarn for knitting and crocheting are readily available.  I consider my children creators, and I call them by name:  artist, writer, and storyteller.   I provide healthy snacks and limit the intake of sugar and other stimulants, and offer the option to cook or bake daily.  We read award winning books and watch family quality movies that stimulate conversation and imagination. 

My children exercise and experience nature for one to two hours daily.  Nature provides a glimpse of the infinite potential available, the vastness of creation, and the cosmos of the universe.  In nature, the mind and the body may run freely.           

I have stamped it in my frontal lobe that I am growing future parents, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and peace makers.  I intend to create the environment to foster their creative, problem-solving right brain where joy and bliss abound.

Cultivating Love & Peace,


♣Watch the snow fall, wearing your favorite sweater and holding a hot cup of tea.  Create a masterpiece with your children tonight.  Experience the sunrise with your sweetie.

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